Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, Funday....

Yeah...Funday...right. Not when you have 4 scheming little demons sucking the life outta you..

These kittens are running and climbing and jumping everywhere. They are such fun to watch. It's exhausting too, trying to keep up after them. They aren't the least afraid of the dogs, and are climbing and batting them and playing with their tails. What fun...they are 7 weeks old now and are eating kitten kibble mixed with canned kitten food, 2-3 times a day. Mama Kat cannot keep up with them. They are fat little roly poly things and extremely active.

I have had several women out here in the past week or so who haven't been to my house before. Spring is a beautiful time of year out here...the grounds are blanketed in violets and the little spring peepers. Lots of flowering trees up and down our road too. Daffodils and tulips, redbuds and that gorgeous new green of the willow trees. Hyacinths and Surprise lilies, forsythia and lilacs. The irises are about 3 inches tall now and the hollyhocks are getting a good start as well. All my daylilies are looking great, the Liatris is about an inch and a half high. One of my new sponsees is bringing me some old fashioned tiger lilies and some bearded irises (black and deep red!!!!) for my yard when she comes out Thursday. I've been looking for some tiger lilies...not so easy to find anymore. I don't know if they bred them into extinction in the process of creating day lilies or what. When I was a youngster growing up out here, they were everywhere.

I've been thinking about starting a big plant swap here locally. It could really be fun, and is a great way to get lots of diversity for your landscape at no charge. I'll need to research how you'd put one together so it could be organized enough to work. I'll keep you informed as to how it goes.

It's time for spring cleaning. If I could just get the motivation and energy on track I'd be alright. lol I have lots to do... just to get ready for the Gathering this summer. I also have to find the family reunion flyers I made and get them in the mail. awww.... I think I put them into my notebook that I keep all the park info in. It's always the first weekend in June. I already have all the pavillion and campsites booked and taken care of. It's the weekend before everyone comes here, so that will be a little hectic, but not too much. Just have to remember to breathe in and breathe

Enough rambling. Time for me to visit the Sandman...ZZzzzzzzz.......


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Steve E. said...

You sound like the head of a corporation, all the work in front of you...a CEO who doesn't know how to delegate.

Example: For the "gathering" give each arrival either a mop, broom, furniture polish, lots of dust stuff, some of that cleaner in a spray thingie, and buckets, soap, and watch the whole thing happen from your penthouse suite of offices.

I'm sure this has helped. And I'm sure mama kitty is happy also with my "suggested steps".....

That swamp sounds interesting. we're surrounded with that. Ya want a gator or two for ambience?

PS I always sound stupid this time of morning -grin!