Wednesday, November 27, 2013

On the cusp of the High Holy Day of Gluttony

As you may have surmised from this picture, I am in charge of the rolls and some baked goods this year. This is the first of 3 pans of ginormous yeast rolls.  One is an herbed bread, full of this:
Organic home grown dried tomatoes and onions, along with fresh organic home grown rosemary and parsley. It smelled so divine...

The other two are a honey oat roll with a little flax seed thrown in for good measure.

 I have also baked 
a lovely home grown peach pie.  And 2 loaves of applesauce spice  bread and 2 loaves of persimmon bread. The pie is made with some of the peach pie filling I canned, with another pint of sliced peaches thrown in because it never looks like enough to me. The applesauce is chunky sauce I canned 2 years ago. You know all about the persimmons. I have a jar of canned pumpkin setting on the counter...I originally thought I would make pumpkin bread as well, but that is probably not going to happen. I am tired.

I have yet to bake a pan of corn muffins and a batch (especially for my brother) of mom's cinnamon sugar angel wings.  She always made these of leftover scraps of pie dough, but in our old age we don't fool around. We make  whole batch of pie crust just for this. They are sweet and crispy and rich and wonderful. And so SO bad for you, but who cares? On the High Holy Day of Gluttony, all bets are off.


The Irishman has gone off to the north to be with his family.  I am alone here today/tonight with the dogs and cats, who have been a tremendous comfort to me. 
PoPo snoozing in the sun, filtering through the office windows. He is slowly getting better, but is still a little wobbly from the ruptured eardrum. 

  Miss Molly has been down too...and is better and up and moving around, but sill taking it easy in between. Is she spoiled? Uh...yes, that's her private fleece blanket. The cat kept trying to share it with her, but she was having none of that.

Does this look like cat camo or what?  This box has an old mattress cover in the bottom of it, but since it has gotten frigid again, she kept trying to usurp Molly's spot. I didn't have another fleece blanket, but then I remembered I have an older fleece robe that I don't wear often because it's shorter than my favorite one, which goes all the way to the ankles. I dug it out and lined her box and now she's happy as a clam.  I took 3 other pictures of her in the box, but you could barely make out what was cat and what was robe. lol


We had a wonderful meal of comfort food for supper...chicken and dumplings. was so good. Everybody got some and I ate a nice bowl and there is still some left over. The weather has been ghastly the past couple of days...temps at night in low teens with wind chills of single digits. Yesterday didn't get above 18 degrees and today wasn't much better. I think it finally hit 22 with a wind chill of 14.  It's only supposed to get down to 20 tonight and zoom back up to 40 tomorrow. I'll be heading out to my brothers around 8 tomorrow least that's my plan.  I'll stay there til about 3 and then try to be home before dark. The Irishman took my car for the trip, which means I have to drive the beast. I don't have a problem driving the truck (it's a Ford Ranger) unless it's icy and the back end is empty. During the winter, he usually keeps sandbags or logs in the bed of the truck to keep it from sliding around as much.

I have to come home and get some housecleaning down tomorrow night as I have guests coming Friday morning at 10:30. I'm praying that I'll have some of the fruit breads leftover so I don't have to bake muffins or something. but if I have to I can.  :)    I also need to try to remember to pick up some coffee creamer.  I am going to try to get a little housecleaning done tonight, but no promises.  I just need to do a little dusting and a little vacuuming.  I'm kinda pooped from being on my feet all day baking...amazingly enough, the kitchen is not too bad (I usually clean up as I go). 

Alright. I do need to get up and get those angel wings made at least.  ( Although, I am seriously thinking about setting the alarm and getting up real early to do it in the morning...only because I will eat some of them, and when I eat cinnamon at night--it gives me heartburn. Every time.)  

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday tomorrow surrounded by the people you love.



Beth said...

My mom always used the leftover pie crust scraps in the same way. I did this for my kids too when they were little. Half cinnamon sugar and half cocoa powder mixed with sugar. YUM!! your pie and rolls look delicious Annie! I hope tomorrow is a wonderful day for you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful food and adorable animals -- a Happy Thanksgiving to you Annie! And a hug for the soi-distant Irishman

Mariodacatsmom said...

I just finished a huge meal about 6 hours ago, but am hungry all over again when looking at all the goodies you made. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Akannie said...

Beth--must be a midwestern thing. lol I'll have to try the cocoa powder ! Hope your holiday was full of gratitude and love.

Akannie said...

Louisey~~thanks. Been a strange-ish holiday, but I'm okay. These critters are a wonderful comfort.

I fell flat on NaNo again this year. But I am going to keep doesn't have to always be a competition, does it ? ;) lol

Akannie said...

MDCM...I have been eating like a machine for 2 days. This morning I am exhausted from it. lol

Hope your holiday was awesome.

Rita said...

Wow! Everything looks so delicious! Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Karma and I had our usual quiet, solitary day and is was sweet! :)

Akannie said...

Hi Rita--I'll bet Karma is loving that ! lol
My Thanksgiving was good too.