Sunday, November 10, 2013

My house smells like meatloaf (not the musician)

 It's been a slow and restful Sunday here at Honeysuckle Hill...I have been home all day, by myself mostly. I did some puttering and clearing up and out in the kitchen (islands, counters, cookbook shelves). Relocated some things, tossed some things. Baked a meatloaf for supper, with baked sweet potatoes and green beans. It was...awesome.  The sweet potatoes this year are full of flavor and thin skinned.  And the meatloaf was maybe one of the best I've ever made. 

 I cleaned a little sat a little, talked on the phone a little. Daydreamed a little,  cooked a little, read a little.  

 I woke up in a mood to much junk accumulates in my kitchen it's scary.  I cleaned off the table (again!).  I cleaned up and cleared off the island--another crap magnet.  Then I tackled my kitchen counters. just never ends.  Oh, and I also cleaned off my desktop. AGAIN.  

  It was a good balanced day, all in all.

  A friend of mine died this past weekend...he was an older man and had been ill for some it was a blessing of sorts. He was a fine southern gentleman, and will be dearly missed in his local sobriety community and among all his friends.  Adieu, Sir...

  There was an accident a few miles from here yesterday that claimed the life of a young girl and 3 others are critically injured and in the hospital. My heart goes out to the parents and families.

  The circle of life is in constant motion, ever turning.  My great nephew Reef Greyson turned 1 year old already and my other great nephew Aiden Micheal is trying to cut teeth.  Another great nephew Rowan Oscar has severe allergies that are being relieved by essential oils his mother has found. It's like a miracle for them.  

  The world is a busy place.

I am having lunch tomorrow with a young woman in the nursing program who needs someone to interview for a school thing and it can't be family, so she asked me. I'm not sure what the interview will be about, but she's buying me lunch at the healthy place -- Crazy Bowls and Wraps-- so I don't really care.  LOL

 I'm meeting an old friend on Wednesday for a noon meeting and lunch, and that will be a kick. I haven't seen her in a while and the call from her today (just in time for one of my many breaks) was a joy.  I was just thinking about her the other day...and isn't that how that always works ?  I drive by her house regularly and always think of stopping, but am usually on my way somewhere or on my way back and in a hurry.  I need to stop that hurrying nonsense.  lol

 It's nearing bedtime...I've been doing a pretty good job of getting myself in bed by 11:30 and getting up at 6:30 or 7.  Trying to change those old habits of staying up half the night. Not good for me.

  Speaking of not good...yesterday morning I suddenly developed black string-like floaters in the vision of my right eye.  Guess I need to have the eyes looked at, I don't know. I googled it and asked a few people...The Google result pretty much summed it up as --"You're OLD".  A few of my friends have experienced this as well and all say there is nothing to be done for it. Apparently as we age the vitreous humour in the eye starts to harden and that's what causes it. Crap.  It isn't bothering me nearly as much today as it did yesterday. Nearly drove me nuts yesterday, plus my eyes felt irritated.  And that made my head hurt.  Today it's all okay, except for the spidery strings that keep dashing across my line of vision.  One of my biggest fears has always been losing my sight, so you can imagine where my imagination took me when that first started.

  Oy vey.

  On a brighter note, the new neighbors have landed and all is well there.  Yesterday morning I baked 2 loaves of persimmon bread and took it over. They are a really nice couple and will make wonderful neighbors. Hallelujah !  Then later in the day, I had to bake 2 more loaves of pumpkin bread, because I didn't leave any at home for the Irishman.  It is very good as well--made, of course, from last years pumpkin abundance.

  Okay--I need to head on to bed.  Wishing you all sweet dreams...



Cloudia said...

Oy! L'Chaim!

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
=^..^= <3
> < } } ( ° >
> < 3 3 3 ( ' >

Susan said...

Clutter can just creep up on you, can't it? I have no excuse, as I live by myself, but I swear someone comes in and puts stuff all over every flat surface when I'm not looking! Glad you got good neighbors, your menus sound amazing (meatloaf is a personal winter favorite), and I hope your week goes smoothly and happily!

Anonymous said...

Annie please go and see an opthamologist and get your eyes checked in case you have a retinal detachment or little tear in the retina. I have had these for years and the laser surgery is fast and painless but don't leave it.

Akannie said...

Aloha, dear Cloudia...

Lots to celebrate over your way, eh ?

Happy Days !

Akannie said...

Susan~~ it comes in the night I swear !! lol It's not like there's a bunch of people living here either, and I can still barely keep up.

Sigh...good week so far...

Akannie said...

Louisey--I will make a call today. Yesterday was a holiday here and lots of businesses were closed. I planned on being seen by someone--it's too scary not to be addressed.

Thanks Love.

Anonymous said...

Annie, it may be innocuous but the spidery strings you mention are sometimes linked to little blips of light that signal the retina getting 'holey'. If these aren't lasered there is a risk of the retina detaching and that is much more serious. I do think eyes like everything else need regular checks as we reach our prime!

Akannie said...

You were right, my dear friend...there was a small tear at the edge of the retina. No detachment yet, but they were able to do the laser treatment right there at the office. He said that if there came an "avalanche" of floaters or flashes of light I was to get back there ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Happy to read this Annie -- I get little streaks of light at the perimeter of my vision as a warning (I've had perhaps 18 laser treatments for a long-standing retina deterioration) and sometimes spidery flickering nodules of light. More of a problem than floaters and as they say, get an avalanche or a nasty little black demi-circle and you need instant laser surgery.