Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday morning soliloquy

It's still raining. 40 days and 40 nights....well, okay. 4 days and nights. But still...

  All the cups are running over here.  We have probably had 6+ inches of rain.  I told the Irishman this morning that it feels like Seattle. The ground is so saturated the septics are acting up a little (nothing bad), the ground squishes and you sink into it everywhere you step.  The chicken run, inside the fence, is a nightmare. It stinks and is slippery as snot. Luckily we didn't have any seeds planted, because they all would have washed out. I just hope the potatoes don't rot. On the other hand...everything smells and looks so clean and fresh out there. Coming home last night, we remarked on all the incredible shades of spring green everywhere.  The blueberries are loaded with flowers, and the fruit trees are loving the rain too. We've not had any storms...just constant steady rain, which is what you want.  For a while.  But it can stop anytime. 

 It's been a low key few days around Honeysuckle Hill.  I've been keeping busy, mostly, but also having a lot of downtime.  Slow and steady, like the rain. lol  More lazy on my part, but still.  Yesterday I attended the first meeting (for me--they've had 2 others, I guess, one when I was sick)  of a Citizens Climate Lobby. It was very interesting and I think I'm going to like it. We had a teleconference call (along with 71 other groups from around the country and Canada) with the Democratic Senator from Rhode Island, Sheldon Whitehouse. It was enlightening, from a government standpoint, to discuss things like Climate Change, the Bicameral Climate Change Task Force, a revenue neutral carbon fee for fossil fuel industries.  I will be mostly writing letters to the editors of newspapers and trying to make a little dent in the awareness of people regarding this.  Shouldn't be too hard for people to understand that the climate change is directly connected to the extreme weather occurrences and  droughts and blistering heat...since it is impacting their own lives.

  Maybe.  lol

  I went on a muffin baking spree yesterday and took some to the meeting.  I made Atomic Muffins (a powerhouse of nutrition: whole wheat flour, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, molasses, sliced almonds, raisins...and  Banana Date Oat Muffins.  Both were good.  I realized that I haven't made muffins in a while. And they're so easy.  I once worked in a restaurant where I made 2-3 kinds of muffins every morning for the breakfast shift.  I developed quite a range of recipes. The Irishman was quick to point out that we would soon have blueberries for muffins, which are, indeed, his very favorite muffin.  lol

  This morning after breakfast, himself was off to his meeting and I am here doing laundry. It has really piled up, because I was out of laundry soap and just couldn't get myself motivated to make more. lol Finally I made a bucket, in between muffin batches yesterday.  I need to vacuum again, but will probably wait until tomorrow. Some of the trees are dumping a gazillion tons of those nasty lilttle seed pods that stick to every thing. I swept the front porch on Thursday (before the rain started) and within 10 minutes it was covered with them again. I am not exaggerating here. So, naturally, they get tracked in the front door every time a human or dog or cat goes out and comes back in.  Arrgghhh......

 Holey Moley--I think it's lightening up out there. Maybe the rain is done finally....I am going to attend to some things, and want to wish you all a happy Sunday.  Make the most of it !!!



Beth said...

The sun has finally tried to peek thru the clouds a little bit. I am sick of the rain too. It has seemed never ending and I have been stuck inside since Thursday.

Muffins sound good. I like blueberry too.


Mariodacatsmom said...

Hope you get a break from the rain. It's going to be like a tropical jungle down there. We had sunshine today. It seems like we've had a lot of rain, but in reality, we haven't. It was just dreary, drizzly, and a few rain storms the past couple of weeks. We just don't want SNOW like they had about 150 miles to the north!

Anonymous said...

So inspiring Annie -- I'm in something of a slump but should get into the kitchen and make some of Annie's Atomic Muffins!