Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday...Day 1 of a 4 day weekend.

LOL...dirty planting hands.  (And I see another project on my summer list--time to paint the metal patio chairs again...) I used to keep my hands nicely manicured. Now it's all I can do to clip the nails off short so they're not in the way.  lol

  Woke up this morning to a chilly 46 degrees. Yikes. Supposed to get up to 70 today and tomorrow...and rain tomorrow and Sunday. That means the push is on for yard work today. The grass (of course) needs mowing again. The remaining 2 garden beds need finishing digging. A bed or 2 are ready to plant.  Teepee trellises need to be put together and set in place.  4 of those.  So much to do...

  Got my foot xrayed yesterday at the little community hospital about 12 miles from here. It was a delightful experience as hospital stuff goes.  They said the doc will have the report today...I should call if I haven't heard from them by early this afternoon.  At least we'll find out if it's a stress fracture, or just calcified tendon problems. 

  I went to the DMV yesterday as well as the county courthouse and made a loop-de-loop and got back home at a reasonable time. Accomplished some important stuff, since I couldn't do much anyway as it was a grey drizzly chilly day all day. I had to go to the courthouse to the assessors office. Every year I have to fill out a form for the Disabled Persons Homestead Act...which freezes my property taxes so they don't go up up up every year. Every time I fill it out, I make a copy so that I have a copy of it as well. This year I did it wrong (new printer) and instead of printing out a copy, I scanned a picture of my son and myself onto it. AARRGGHHHHH !!!  So, I took it up there, where the assessor had a good laugh, and I asked if I could get a blank one to re-do.  He said he would take that one...he was the guy who approved them anyway, and as long as he could read the numbers it would be okay.  Sheesh...I felt so dumb.  But I didn't remember to get a copy of it from him...and I guess it will all be okay.

  The tags for car went up this year too, but I got those and I also got an application for a handicapped parking tag...I have refused to do this...I have resisted admitting that I am THAT kind of handicapped...but the arthritis is getting worse and worse and walking far is getting harder all the I hate it.  You know I hate it.  Maybe I will do it...and maybe I won't.  

 Guess I'd better get dressed and get outside. Hoping if I waited a bit it would 1) Dry off some--heavy dew  and 2) Warm up.  lol  It is up to 53 now.  I've already made oatmeal and toast for breakfast and we ate and the Irishman is out there and hard at it. (Not) Actually he drove over to the neighbors for some more leaf mulch.  I made extra oatmeal and took it out to the chickens. They LOVE cooked oaties.

 Might have to stop and run over to my cousins today at some point--she's giving me some domestic blackberry transplants. Anywhere I plant them in my yard will take a short time for them to be bastardized by all the wild berries I have. We did lose a lot of them when the tree trimmers working for the electric company came through and tore out chunks of the little hillside in front of our house.  It'll all be fine...

 Will be getting the squash in the ground today and hopefully all the rest of the seedlings as well as a few more seeds. I am sitting for my neighbor tomorrow, so I may have to try and get my avocados done this evening/afternoon too. They are ripening quite nicely, and I'm going to puree and freeze them. Bought like 20... they're sitting on my counter right now...

In my gorgeous Bobby Flay bowl.  On my cluttered messy counter.  Oh, well.

 Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We are going to the neighbors for a bbq on Monday, possibly (weather permitting) going to a spring fair on Sunday.  It will be a nice weekend, peppered with thoughts of our veterans and the sacrifices they have made for our freedom. My dad was a WWII veteran. 



Susan said...

Oh, my. That bowl is beautiful! I have never frozen avocadoes - do you have to do anything other than mash them? Add lemon juice? Every once in a while, there's a great sale here. Frankly, if you can use the handicapped parking tag, you should just get one. There's no good reason to make it harder on yourself. Our weathe took a nosedive today - looks like much of the weekend will, frankly, stink. Good thing I have plenty to do inside. I'm with you in thinking of and thanking our service men/women and our veterans. Both my parents are WWII veterans. We wouldn't have what we have if it was not for their sacrifices.

DJan said...

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I look forward to hearing what they discover from the xray. It got really cold here last night, all the way down to 39. But then again our high temperatures have been in the 50s, not the 70s. :-)

Beth said...

Have a wonderful holiday weekend Annie!

Akannie said...

Thanks everyone ! We had a great weekend.

Susan--all I do is mash and add lemon juice. 1 tbsp to each avocado.

Rain rain rain here too, all weekend. And for the next few days too, I guess. Sigh. Sure is pretty out there though.