Thursday, May 30, 2013


This is a shot of the edamame. Looking good...the little plants are about 2 inches high. woohoo !


  I've been derailed. I had a plan. I had a list. I've been very disciplined this morning, getting all kinds of house work done. Vacuuming, washing and changing slipcovers. Cleaned off the table. Made the bed. Emptied a couple of things out into the compost. Rearranged some things. A couple of more things to do, and then get the tart made for the potluck and then jump into the shower. 

  And then the phone rings. And BOOM!  Everything has changed.

 Well, maybe not EVERYTHING.  But, the potluck is cancelled due to threat of heavy thunderstorms/tornado watches. The facilitator lives across the river, and she didn't want to have to risk the drive home in bad weather. I surely understand that.  And I hadn't made any food yet, anyway.  But now...I'm useless.  I don't want to finish the stuff I have started, I just want to take a nap. That could be due to the huge lunch I just ate, lol..  Suddenly, the deadline is gone and I just went limp.  lol  

 I'm pitiful.  By huge lunch: I opened a jar of my home canned okra, tomatoes and onion, heated it up with a little butter and some black pepper and ate it out of a bowl with a buttered homemade hamburger bun.  O.M.G.  If you don't like okra, or breaded tomatoes--this dish is not for you.  This is something I started canning at the end of the season when I had just little bits of okra or tomatoes coming in, and I just love it. I use the mixture in soups a lot, but when it's just me here, I eat it just like this. Yum. I only used about  1/2 to 2/3 of the pint jar. But I'm full. This batch was so sweet...from the tomatoes, I guess. And it had lots of okra in it. 


  I should go finish vacuuming the master bathroom floor and at least clean off the kitchen island. Even if I don't do anything else. I am debating whether to go ahead and make that tart, so that I'll at least have made it once and tried it, before springing it on unsuspecting folks.  lol  I didn't have anything else planned for supper anyway.  Last night I marinated chicken breasts in a lemon and honey and herb concoction, then grilled them and served them on a big bed of greens, garnished with pickled beets and hard boiled eggs (both courtesy of Honeysuckle Hill).  It was awesome. I even toasted some home made garlic and herb croutons from a chunk of leftover baguette.  Maybe I'll go ahead and make the tart. Might as well, right ?'

  The other night, at the MD bbq we went to, a lovely woman named Jean had made these little "crackers" out of Parmesan cheese. That's right. Nothing but Parmesan cheese.  She said she heaped little piles of the coarsely shredded  cheese on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper and stuck 'em in the oven. She served them with a dip made of goat cheese, honey and fresh rosemary. LOTS of fresh rosemary. Of course I got the recipe.  It was stupendous !  I might make some of those too.  After all, I brought some of the dip home.  lol

  The Irishman is working OT tomorrow, so I'll have another free day to get the rest of the housework done. I didn't do anything the past few days but work outside when I could, and the heat and humidity have been atrocious. Today was that --"oops, I've passed the point of decency"  place where I HAD to vacuum up the dog hair. Of course, with the weather , the dogs are all shedding like crazy.  Ai yi yi...

  Yesterday I potted up herbs for my back deck. Rosemary, parsley, thyme, oregano, sage, cilantro, lemon balm.  I might go back to the plant lady and get some ginger mint form here. I loved the smell of it. Not sure what I could use it for, but..probably anything I want, right ?  

lol   One of the sisters gave me an Anise Hyssop yesterday, and said it had gotten too big and leggy for her to sell.  I found a spot for it at one end of my hosta bed, near the steps and planted it DEEP and staked it up. I will start pinching the tops as soon as it has a chance to establish itself and get over transplant shock. I also finally got those leftover tomato plants in the dirt, and they looked very perky and happy this morning. But I'm telling was so hot and humid yesterday, I was sweating like a madman.  I kept taking little breaks and coming in for rest and water, but wow.   I did all this after I went to the doc and got my 2nd Hyalgan shot in my right knee.  I very awkwardly made sure to only use my left leg to push that spade into the ground. And the ground is still pretty wet, so it was easy digging. I also gathered up all the used plastic pots and seed starter (4 and 6 pack thingees) and got them all into a big box and in my trunk to take to the sisters for use in the plant sale they're having and for next year when they start this crazy business all over again. It cleaned things up remarkably here. lol

Okay. I'm off to finish...something. I really did get quite a lot of other stuff done today, so...we'll see how it goes. It's 3 PM already...



Rita said...

I've been derailed for days and in all that time I haven't gotten one tenth done of what you accomplished in your morning with getting a shot in your knee to boot! ;)

Beth said...

You never fail to amaze me Annie!

I love breaded tomatoes with lots of butter, Yumm!

Mariodacatsmom said...

Never had Orka, but love tomatoes. he he - as usual, I'm leaving your blog tired (from watching you work) and hungry (from reading about all the good stuff you cook).