Saturday, February 9, 2013

For love of family....

 This is a photo from my family reunion last summer. Two of my sisters-in-law having a good laugh about something. We always have a good time and I always feel so blessed by these get togethers.  The SIL on the left has suffered a massive seizure this morning and is in the hospital in St Louis.  They've found a small mass on her brain, behind her ear, I think.  They are running a bazillion tests and tomorrow will run more.  I think the doctors are afraid there are more tumors and are being diligent about finding out how this has come upon her so suddenly.  I was able to speak with her tonight and tell her I loved her. She was able to talk, although her speech was a bit slurred--I'm sure that they've got her really medicated. She is responding well to the anti-seizure medication.

  We are all rallying 'round my brother and his family. Phone calls have been flying from brother to sister to brother to sister to brother to sister. I talked with my niece this afternoon for a bit too.  I tried to talk to my brother but he is beside himself with worry (that's how I got to talk to the SIL--lol--he handed the phone to her). This is the love of family...reaching out, holding up, being there...whatever is needed.  All the petty squabbling put on the shelf for now. All the personality  quirks and the politics and the stupid little things that everyone does that drives SOMEBODY nuts...all that evaporated into thin air.  Everyone is worried about her and about my brother too...they have been married 30 years or so I think and I know he is lost without her.

 Such a fragile thing. And at the same time, one of the toughest, strongest things we know. Love makes all things possible. I am choosing to believe that love is going to carry everyone through this.  The strongest intentions bring the most certain outcomes. We are all focused, in our own ways, on sending her healing and love and light.

  Love is the answer.  Please send a little love our family could sure use it.

 Happy 9th Day of Love, everyone !!


DJan said...

She looks so young! I am sending you love and light and thoughts of healing to your SIL. Life is fragile, but love is not. Hoping for a good result from those tests. You have certainly had your share of trials and tribulations lately, Annie. Cyber hugs sent your way.

Beth said...

Annie dear, I am so sorry for what your sister in law is facing right now. Sending love and prayers for you all.


Mama Pea said...

If only we all could put aside (or over look) the petty little things we let get in the way of true love. Why do we focus on the trivial, truly unimportant things when love is what can sustain us? Sending love and light and healing to your SIL, family and you.

Mariodacatsmom said...

Sending love and prayers for you and your family. Hope that SIL gets well soon and has no lingering effects from the stroke. You are so blessed to have a close family - it will carry you all through.