Thursday, February 7, 2013

A week of LOVE..

 Is the world your Valentine ?   Can I split myself wide open enough to have room in my heart for everyone?  Is it posible to love everyone that crosses your path, never worrying about the risk, or what's in it for you or whether you will get hurt ?  We think there are degrees of love, when really, there is either love-or there is not.  We can try to think our way out of this point of order. It won't work.  We can try a number of ways to make this more comfortable. In the end though, love wins. Either we love everyone as though they are oursleves, or we don't really love anyone. You either are a being of light, or you are not. NO wishy washing here. No fence sitters. 

  I struggle with this stuff sometimes. I think there are people who are not loveable. Or not worthy of my love. Or  not capable of returning love. But real love is non-conditional. It matters not what happens once it leaves me. I feel like that about giving money to people too. Especially homeless people and panhandlers. People say to me all the time--you KNOW what they're going to do with that! You should never give them money!  I always say, it doesn't matter. What matters is that I gave it away. I thank people for giving  me the chance to be loving. To be generous. It enriches my life way more than it does theirs, probably.

  And this is how I learn.  The incredible feelings that loving gives me encourages me to be more loving. And love wears many masks...the mask of compassion, the mask of generosity, the mask of romance.  The mask of tenderness. The mask of virtue. And every single time I get to do something for someone, or let someone do something for awareness grows. Awareness of how we need more kindness in the world. More givers. More takers. More everything.

  And in the end, all that really matters is how we have treated each other.

  I hope that I can remember all this when I am out in the world, making my way.  It bears remembering....



DJan said...

You have spread love today, already. I am feeling your generous heart and it will spread outward from me as I travel back to my home. Blessings to you today, dear one. Your month of love is felt right here, right now. Thank you. :-)

Beth said...

Lovely post Annie!! You are doing a great job with your month of love posts.

Ashling said...

Your post is truly humbling; it's something to aspire to that I have absolutely not achieved. Beautifully said, and I'm in awe.

Mama Pea said...

I'm really enjoying your love posts!