Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Telltale Tuesday

 Today is a Monday sort of a Tuesday...lol.    I am doing odds and ends of things that need doing...laundry, dehydrating random tomatoes and okra, harvesting the edamame that would have been done days ago were it not for the rain. (Not complaining). lol  I got a little over 4 gallons of pods this time and finished off the bed. Now we can get it all turned over and composted and get ready to plant the garlic and onions for spring.  And I have ordered some parsnips from an online supplier, because I cannot find seed for them ANYWHERE.  And while I was at it, I ordered a Survival tin of heirloom, non-GMO seeds for storing. Just in case. It has a great variety of typical garden foods and was about 40 dollars, which is far less than I spent last year at Baker Creek. When those come, I will plant the parsnips. THEN...I will be done. Planting. For now.  lol


  The rains from Isaac have transformed this area like magick. The lawns are green and the grass is growing again...the garden shave been refreshed and the new plantings are doing well. The green beans are 6 inches tall or better. The lettuces are at least 3.  The snow peas are looking beautiful and even the beets are making a showing already. Very small, but present and accounted for. The kale is bright and the carrots are up and the radishes are already a few harvest ready.  I love gardening (can you tell??)  

  Temps are still in the high 80's low 90's...even with the rain...so it is really humid and sticky out there.  I wanted to hang the laundry out to dry today, but the sky hasn't quite given over to clearing yet, and in fact, it sprinkled on me while I was out pulling the edamame plants. So...it's in the dryer today. That's okay. It's so humid it would probably take them 3 days to dry anyway. lol

  There are an awful lot of little icky housekeeping jobs to be done in the next few days. I might just get really motivated and get them done. Especially since after today, I won't really have any garden/canning excuses to use to put them off. My big master bath needs a serious attending to: the big handicapped shower, the shower curtain and liner, the big double vanity and the floors.  Good rainy day jobs.  (cough, ahem)  My big closet needs re-organizing.  The pantries need a little organization too...especially where all the bags of dried foods are concerned.  I have a garage full of gallon sized jars just waiting to be washed and aired out, so that I can sort the bags of dried stuff and get all the  like items in one place. That will make it a lot easier to find stuff. I also need to go through some of the [grocery] canned items in there, and see what needs donating or disposing of.  Some of that stuff is old...and was dropped on me by helpful relatives.  I'm getting a lot better at just saying no to them.  Sometimes.  I also need to get in my bedroom and take that bed apart so that I can clean under and around the back of it. It was a brand new bed  (7 years ago) and I just didn't think about it much. I was looking for something the other day, stuck my head under there and nearly had a heart attack.  Living out here like we do, on a country road, with fields all around us being tilled and plowed and harvested...makes for a LOT of dust. If I had allergies, I'd be dead by now. lol  


  The boy isn't working again this week--nature of the business. He's out there right now, grading the big holes in the driveway and filling them with rock.  He's sweating like a pig out there....I told him he'd better be careful, it's hotter than it feels when the humidity is like this. I think he's almost done...it'll be great, as that mess just kept getting bigger and bigger and the Irishman hasn't bothered to fix it the last 500 times I've mentioned it. It doesn't bother his truck much...but it almost swallows up my little car.

   I need to make granola today or tomorrow, and since it's already about 2 o'clock, I'm thinking tomorrow. We have plenty of eggs for breakfast.  The granola bars are gone again too...sigh....and I don't know what to fix for supper, except that's it going to contain tempeh, because I have some that needs using.  I was thinking maybe I'd bake a peach or apple pie too...because I have had a sweet tooth the past few days, and if I don't eat something real, I'm going to binge on Almond Joys or something.  LOL

  And that's pretty much the gist of it on this Monday/Tuesday out here on Honeysuckle Hill. Some work, some play and lots of things to do...never a bored moment. And isn't that just life?? I'm always amazed when I hear people talk about being bored...My life is just SO not ever that.  Frustrating perhaps.   Perplexing maybe.  Exhausting sometimes.  But never, ever in a million years is it boring.

  Thank Goodness.

  Have a great Getting-back-on-track day people....and take extra good care of yourselves.



Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

I enjoy reading about your interesting life! I feel like I am spinning my wheels! Who wants to do housework! Life is not boring but sometimes I don't want to do things, especially housework! Your gardening is wonderful. Don't work too hard! Nancy

Rita said...

I love hearing about your days. :):)
I am never bored, either. Always so many necessary and fun things to do in this life that I've always been perplexed by people who say they are bored.
Glad you got the drive graded. Happy Mondayish-Tuesday! :)

Beth said...

Annie, you are a marvel and I have decided that you are my role model. ;-)

Celia said...

What a wonderful garden you've made yourself. Inspiring. Glad Issac brought lush greens to you and not damage.