Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Tisket, a tasket...a green and yellow basket...

Well...okay. It's not a green and yellow basket. More brick and blue and beige. But still...It's a lovely little basket that I picked up at a flea market once. It's initialed by the creator on the bottom and dated 1976. I use it for decoration, mostly. Or to serve cookies in or carry herbs. Or anything I want. I think it's actually an egg basket, but I don't want to risk getting chicken poop on it. hahaha


  I've spent a portion of the morning working on a homework assignment for the online class.  Then I spent an inordinate amount of time reading blogs and catching up.  Bless Narelle's heart, on the passing of her mum. Congrats to DJan on her move. And so much more..and that's how I look up and see that it's 3 hours later. sigh...I had such high hopes for today and getting things done. lol  I spent almost all of yesterdays in a spot on the sofa watching tv while I blanched and shelled 4+ gallons of edamame. SO, my back hurts. lol  And I did get granola made as well, which is a job all in itself, by the time you get all that stuff stirred and toasted and blah, blah, blah. 

   In the meantime, the dog hair has accumulated and the dust bunnies have reproduced and the house has been neglected.  And I would be put off by all of it, if I took any of it seriously. Which I don't. lol


  The boy is working way down in southern Missouri again today, so has had my car for both days. Which is fine, since I need to stay here and get things done anyway. I don't really run around all that much...and if I had to go somewhere I could always take his Explorer. (god forbid!)  It's really easy for me to just stay out here at Honeysuckle Hill and forsake all ties to the outside world.  I can isolate out here for weeks, truth be told, and especially this time of year when I'm so busy canning and such.  I have about 4 phone calls I haven't returned that I probably should, but I don't want to.  I had 2 calls yesterday that lasted WAY longer than I care to spend on the phone.  It's funny when I get like this, but I don't care.  I had to laugh when I read SoberinOctobers post this morning, because it's exactly how I was feeling.  I've come to accept that I just get like this now and then, and there must be a reason for it, so I just go with it.  I'm not suicidal or thinking about drinking or anything else. I just have reached my quota for the world, I guess. So...I retract into my little world here and recharge and rejuvenate and spend time with myself.  And then I'm good again for a while.


  I was thinking about getting outside and taking some new garden pictures. It's much more orderly looking now that so many things have been harvested. lol  And new things are coming up. And I picked tomatoes again this morning. And have a dehydrator full that needs emptying in the other room.  There's a little more okra out there that can probably wait, a few bell peppers and lots of jalapenos. The guy at the produce place in town said he would buy them from me if I wanted to sell them, as he hasn't been able to get any. I may or may not.  I was thinking about just pickling them or canning them plain.  I have quite a few of them dried...they turn such a lovely red color when you dry them, and I could probably use them in my kimchi. Hmmm...hadn't thought of that...and I need to make a batch of kimchi too...


  Listening to my adored Leonard Cohen today...Tower of Song--one of my favorites on this CD...

  Roxie likes to sing along with this one too.  lol


  Guess I'll get on with the day...Have to at least run the vacuum.  The I'm thinking about getting started on the pantries. I have a bunch of gallon sauerkraut jars in the garage waiting to be cleaned up and used for storing bags of dried foods to better organize them and make it easier to find the things I'm looking for.  I also have some individual bags of rice and stuff that needs jarring up. I was lucky to get them.

  Hope everyone has a lovely Thursday.  I know I will.....



Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

That is a lovely little basket you have there! Is the online class the one you mentioned earlier about Food Preservation and Storage? I wanted to look for her books at our library when I get a chance. What you are going through sounds like what I call "me" time! We all need it! Have a great day! Nancy

Beth said...

A tisket, a tasket, I like your little basket, no matter the color.

LindaM said...

Beautiful basket.
It's good to step back and rejuvenate now and then. The world will be tere when you're ready to take it on again:)

Mary LA said...

That basket looks so well-made, Annie, a real find. We get brilliant Sotho and Zulu basket weavers out here and I have a huge woven laundry basket as well as handled baskets for market and a broad, lidded basket for storing fruit like apples in straw.

We all need time out from the world occasionally --

DJan said...

I had a great Thursday, and now Friday morning I am catching up on blogs before heading to the gym. It's another beautiful day! Reading about your life always gives me a lift, Annie. I am there in spirit, you know!

Rita said...

What a cute basket! I wouldn't want to get it full of chickie-poo either--LOL!

Funny how easy it is so get lost online reading blogs. Was happening to me so often that I had to start really watching how much time I spent in cyberspace. many nice people...not easy. ;)

Even being housebound, when I spend too much time with other people online, or too much time watching TV or on the phone or even's not the same as having my truly alone time to refuel. I've always needed that quiet time to myself--all my life--to get grounded and centered and feel like my soul is calm and right. Hard to explain. But I get to feeling off if I don't get that time...or, face it, take that time. I've been feeling better now that I am journaling most mornings--ahhh! We each have our own ways. Follow your bliss, baby!! :):)