Sunday, September 2, 2012's Sunday again!!

Made from scratch veggie pizza....last night's supper. Made a whole wheat crust and it was really quite good. This one had spinach, garlic, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, black AND green olives, ...yum. The other pizza was ham and pineapple....equally yum.


    It has been a very busy week. I guess. I really don't know where the time went. The usual stuff, drying tomatoes, okra, apples, and watermelon. Yes, watermelon. I won't do that again. lol  Live and learn, right? Early in the week, I put up 24 jars of jalapeno jelly. Pretty little things. And the peppers got really hot. lol I made sure to wear gloves as I chopped and seeded those bad boys. 

 I still have sweet red pepper jelly to the next day or two. I have to get more liquid pectin.


  This week we had to get rid of Brewster the Rooster. He was terrorizing all the hens, and in particular, my older Buff Orpington Goldie. He was pecking a huge nasty hole in the back of her head because she wouldn't submit to him. She was so afraid of him, she wouldn't come out of the corner in the coop, and then he would go in after her and harass her. Not on my watch, pal. I ran him off her several times and had to start taking a rake into the run with me because twice he came at me with his spurs. My son sent him to his maker on Friday morning around 7:30 AM.  The chicken yard is so peaceful now....everyone is happy and clucks around the yard scratching and all are laying.  I was personally having a hard time with his violent sexual behavior...and every morning a part of me reacted to him running down those little hens and pulling out their feathers and grabbing them by their necks. I know this is what they do...but for some reason, this time it was really getting to me. So--bye bye.  I had not a moment of remorse over it. He was a beautiful rooster, but he was evil.


  I have started an online class...a Food Preservation and Storage class put on  by Sharon Astyk , the woman who wrote the book I have praised here many times...Independence Days. It is wildly interesting, ad I know I shall learn a lot.  So that takes up some time too. She is very knowledgeable about so many things, I feel like  a novice. She has written several books and I am very honored to be learning form her.

  The AC was out for over a week....finally got the HVAC guy here and he had to replace the transformer. It took about an hour for him to have it diagnosed, up and running.  The heat was was in the mid 90's  during that time, and it was really hot in here. I lost all motivation to do anything. lol  Made it hard to get excited about all the work I should have been doing.


  Tomorrow is Labor Day, and the Irishman and the boy neither one have to work. We may go attend a picnic in Vandalia, it depends on the weather,.  They had us battening down the hatches on  Friday, in preparation for the havoc Hurricane Isaac was wreaking in Louisiana and Mississippi...there were tornadoes spotted about 30 miles from here and we were under either a watch or a warning for most of the evening. It rained and the winds blew, but never got as bad as they predicted. However, it has been raining off and on all weekend, which is a very good thing. Someone said we've gotten over 8 inches... The grass is suddenly green again and the gardens are resurrecting. The peas that we planted early in the week are sprouting, and all the other vegetables (kale, lettuces, radishes, carrots, spinach, chard  and green beans--are going gangbusters. We got the beet seeds in the ground on Wednesday. We have garlic to plant, but it doesn't get planted until just before the first frost. I am still looking for parsnip seeds. Nobody seems to have them....The last stand of edamame is ready to be picked, blanched and shelled.  I still have lots of green tomatoes out there too...and a couple more butternut squash that haven't been picked yet. The chard has taken a new lease on life, and even though we planted more, the old patch is looking really good. I've been picking it and feeding it to chickens...they adore it.


  That should about catch me's been a rather uneventful week, and I am tired  and it is late. My plan for the upcoming week is to partially cook and then can about a dozen pints of pinto beans, the red pepper jelly, dry some more tomatoes and okra, and maybe start to organize my pantries a bit. I know there are a few things that I have used up that need replenishing, and I need to figure out some things about my store of paper goods and --OH MY!!!    So much to do !!!!   lol Oh--and next weekend I am attending a powwow...and I can't WAIT !!!

  Have a wonderful Labor Day, everyone.



Mary LA said...

Sounds anything but uneventful -- good to hear about all the preserving and storing.

Bye bye Brewster!

DJan said...

Oh my! I also think it sounds anything but uneventful. Glad you finally have some rain, it can stop now before it's overdone. I didn't know that about rooster behavior. Brewster must have ended up being a soup, right? :-)

Beth said...

Rest today Annie, it is Labor Day you know.

We got rain here too, as much as 5 inches in some places.

Rita said...

I would have had to get rid of the evil rooster, too. It's one thing to be pushy and another to terrorize and hurt. Good riddance, I say, and peace in the chicken pen!

Glad you got rain-rain-rain!! And that your AC got fixed!! Hurray! How you could get anything done when it was 95 degrees is beyond me. It's been that here and I think--do I need to move even farther north to Canada or Alaska? Geez Louise!

A powwow!! Take some pictures, if you can. Enjoy your class and don't try to dry anymore watermelon. ;) Have a lovely week, dear lady!! :):)

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Your Food Preservation and Storage Class sounds interesting. I don't remember you mentioning that book by Sharon Aslyk but of course I could have forgotten. Wrote it down to check on it at the library. Do you particularly recommend any other books by her? Nancy