Friday, May 25, 2012

  What a day it has been! (FYI-this was started Thursday night)

  I meant to try and get in here and jot some stuff down, but never quite made it.   Now it is late and I am wiped out, lol.

  Had a great discussion  group tonight...watched a film about the Peak Oil event in Cuba, back in 1989...and what has happened there. A remarkable series of events that was prefaced by the collapse of the Soviet Union and the things that transpired when the country suddenly had no oil, no food, no money. It was a surprise to me...I don't recall hearing about all this happening there. I mean, I knew about the Russia thing, but.....

I'm going to have to finish this tomorrow morning...I am beat.  Can barely make my fingers work. lol


  And now it's Friday night. whew!   It was a full day today the first part of the day, the Irishman worked outside, mulching the potatoes, green beans, butterbeans and tomatoes with straw. He weeded too. I worked on the inside part of the house, vacuuming and mopping and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. as of this moment, it's still MOSTLY clean.  lol  Every where my poor little Caylee goes, she leaves behind a pound and a half of dog hair.  Bless her comes out in big chunks, like somebody is snatching her baldheaded, as my mother used to say. I could easily vacuum again...BUT I'M NOT GOING TO !!!!   lol

  I cleaned and decluttered my kitchen counters and island, de-limed my coffee pot and the kitchen sink (you know--where all that limey crap can build up around the faucets and around the very edge of the drain). Cleaned the microwave thoroughly. Vacuumed and mopped all the wood/tile floors. Cleaned the master bathroom counter and sinks and all 3 mirrors. Aired out dog beds and blankets.  I strained another batch of citrus cleaner I had going in the kitchen and used that to clean, so the house has a nice lemony-orange- vinegar scent. And I refilled that quart jar with more white vinegar and put it back on the windowsill...because frankly, it looks so pretty!!  This makes a great cleaner...

  When it finally got so hot he couldn't stay out, the Irishman went to his favorite girl barber for a haircut and when he got back, he showered and we changed clothes and set off to the big city to look for him some sandals. We had dinner at Mr. Curry's, an Indian food establishment that we love. I had the Paneer masala, which is a soft cheese cubes in that rich tomato and cream masala sauce, served over jasmine rice.  It's heavenly.  We found the mister shoes at Kohls...big sale going on, of course (Memorial Day weekend) and so we got a nice pair of 65 dollar sandals for 25 dollars. They're not exactly a sandal...but sort of. Hard to explain, so I won't.  lol  Anyway, he was pleased. he said that it was almost (He's been out 3 times looking for sandals--god, he's such a MAN...)

  We were back home by 7 and went out back to water. Supposed to be another hot day tomorrow..even hotter than today. And dry.  We really could use some rain....just a little!)  He used the water in our rain barrel and watering cans and I used the hose and between the two of us, we got everything (Including my 2 hanging baskets out front, the 5 yucca plants he and the boy planted on Mothers Day AND the quinoa, which is in the front yard plot.) good and watered. 

  Back inside just in time to watch 2 more episodes of Foley's War, on PBS...a WWII series set in Britain.

  It's been all downhill from there.  lol

 I'm pretty pooped and have to get up early to make the Farmers Market before I hit the 10 AM mtg. At least that's the tentative plan. lol  I may not get up as early as I need to, and that will just postpone my first trip to the FM until next week.  There's nothing I REALLY need...I just wanna go. lol  I love Farmers Markets...

 It's been a productive and satisfying day.  I hope yours was too. I saw the Pileated Woodpecker again today. That is cause for celebration. And 2 Great Blue Herons fishing at the pond.  The hummingbirds are back in full force and the feeders are out and I expect to see Indigo Buntings any day. 

  Life is good here on Honeysuckle Hill...How blessed am I ?????



DJan said...

Yes, Annie, you are blessed. I don't know how you manage with that kind of heat, though. It got all the way up to 75 here yesterday and I was wilted!

Rubye Jack said...

I'm like the Irishman when it comes to shopping. The only place I enjoy is the Goodwill and I don't know why that is. The thought of finding treasures I suppose.
It is steaming out here also. Crazy humidity. I hate it but shall try and embrace it today. Ha.

Beth said...

It is to be 95 here today and tomorrow so I know that farther downstate it will be hotter than the hellie as my daddy used to say.

You are very blessed Annie!!

Rita said...

Humungously blessed!! (I don't think that's a real word--LOL!) Reading your posts always makes me feel good. :)

CiCi said...

I think I have a busy life and then I read your posts and I feel lazy and laid back. I was in Kohl's on Thursday with a friend helping her look for something to wear to her class reunion in June. The prices were slashed. I got some leftover Easter decorations to use next year at the senior center. Hope your Memorial holiday weekend is super duper.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi! You certainly accomplished lots of things! How many dogs do you have and what kind? I like to go to our European Farmers Market too but rarely do. Too hot here today too! Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage

Akannie said...


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hu·mon·gous also hu·mun·gous
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a humongous dish of ice cream

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Nancy--I have 4 dogs, a Jack Russell Terrorist, a mini Daschund, and 2 Heinz 57' of which is a shepherd mix and the other is...maybe an American Samoyed mix, but who knows? lol

Beth--def was "hotter than hellie!" lol

Rubye Jack--The Irishman has this thing about shoes. Anything else, he takes what I give him . (Goodwill jeans, esp!!) And he's picky and prissy about the shoes and thinks he has to have high dollar name brand stuff (Columbia sandals, for instance) This time I passed off this pair of Croft&Barrows from Kohls and he's in heaven!! Half price impressed him he wants a pair of crocs like mine for mucking about the yard!!! lol