Monday, May 7, 2012

Rainy Day Woman...

Lazy Day woman, that is.

  This mornings rain made it really hard to get out of bed this morning. At about 6 AM I was awakened by a nasty charley horse in my calf, and my screeching brought the Irishman running in to rub down my leg, as much as I could stand for him to touch it.  Need to get some bananas.  It subsided quickly enough and though it's still a little sore to touch, it was enough of an excuse to make me snuggle back into the covers and sleep for another two and a half hours.

  Finally I was up, if not completely att'em.  Slow going for I piddled and had coffee and mucked about.  Now it's 1 in the afternoon and I have a load of laundry going and some oats toasting in the oven to make a batch of granola.  I need to vacuum ion a bit, and maybe dust...doesn't look like there's much I can do outside as it's still raining off and on--a soft rain, as the Irish call it.  But we have enough granola bars for a few more days, so I can put those off until later in the week.  A slow and easy kind of a day. I have to go somewhere tonight after supper and then tomorrow night too. I'll probably not leave the house the rest of the week. lol  I am so grateful that I love my home and I love being in my house.

  Somedays  I feel so blessed to have my life. lol  I mean this one--where I am a bit crippled up, so it's justifiable that I never jump on projects and go like a madwoman until they're finished. Perfectly. There's always the off chance that I would have grown out of that kind of behavior...maybe.  But it doesn't Creator decided it was time to stop me in my tracks, as it were.  To pull the plug on that working life where I never had enough time to do anything but work and sleep (it seemed like) and enough money to easily get by.  Now I have all the time in the world, just enough money to squeak by month to month, and no energy or physical ability to do so much.  And all that really means is that I have to prioritize my world, I work a bit and rest a bit and work a bit and do as good a job as I can do and let it go.  The old perfectionist has left the building.My house doesn't have to be drill sargent inspection clean. Tidied up is good enough most days. Or, clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy, as my little wall trivet says. lol  

   Time to go stir the granola.  It's in the oven now, toasting away. Full of yummy stuff like flax seeds and dried cranberries and almonds and walnuts and sunflower seeds and rolled oats. And honey and barley malt syrup for sweetening. It's never the same

    The honeysuckle has just exploded around here.  I went out last night to shut the chickens up and it was so humid and the scent hung on the air heavy enough to take your breath away.  It was wonderful...all the flowers are blooming like crazy and my potatoes need strawing--I might go out there and see if I can't at least do that a little later. It's pretty wet out there, still misting...I really need to get out and scrub down that chicken coop too...sigh...

   Yesterday we went to lunch with a friend after the meeting, then drove out to Godfrey to the open house at the La Vista Community Gardens. That was great. By the time we got home it was clouding up and we kind of lost all motivation to get anything done. So while the Irishman lolled about on the couch, I decided to make crackers to go with the big salads we were having for supper.  Found a really easy recipe and made a batch and we ate and then we were done for . lol   I'm feeling kind of like I should accomplish SOMETHING

   So, I'll do a little laundry, make a little granola, vacuum a little and have supper ready by 6 PM. Not sure what I'm having, but it'll come to me--one thing you can bank on--it's gonna involve that big bowl of already cooked brown rice that's in the fridge.  

   Have a grand (if moist) day !!!



Beth said...

It hasn't rained here all day. It is 65 degrees and really humid though. The barometer is still falling so I think we have some more rain coming.

I think you accomplished quite a bit today just getting out of bed this morning Annie. Put bananas on your list and eat two a day.

Akannie said...

Will do, Beth!

I have dried ones in my freezer--wonder if they'd be the same??

Still wet here...

DJan said...

It's dry and sunny here for a change! Sorry to hear about that charley horse. I used to get them all the time but it's been ages. You accomplish a whole lot every day, Annie, no matter how it might seem to you, I am always impressed! :-)

the wild magnolia said...

Your post are becoming more and more fun, so relaxed and hospitable.

Thank you, for sharing your life.

P.S. if you have time, please tell me how to make clotted cream.

Take care of you.

LindaM said...

I like your slower pace even though you still get more one tban most of us! A glass of tonic water at night for Charley horses....that's tight from myhusbnds doctors mouth. Works great.

Akannie said...

DJan--warm and sunny??? Did you move out of Washington State ??? lol It's about time you got some good weather for hiking...

Sandra--Hope your vacation is going smoothly--looks like you're having lots of fun. I will pass that recipe on to you...but first I want to check something and make sure I'm not full of **it, calling it clotted cream. lol

Linda--I just told my husband that too--that our neighbor with Parkinsons has a terrible time with muscle cramps, and they doctors have him on a big glass of tonic water every day. Hope you're feeling a little better today....xoxoxo

Mary LA said...

I learn something new each time I read you -- at one point I had amoebic dysentery in Kenya and ate bananas constantly to counteract the magnesium shortage. Tonic water?

After a long day writing I am mentally tired but not physically, trying to get into the habit of twilight exercises.

You recipes make my mouth water. As does your image of honeysuckle.

Akannie said...

Mary--that is actually MY honeysuckle, out on the front fence. And my son tells me that any kind of intestinal problems are cured with dandelion leaves--they're antiviral AND antimicrobial.
(He's a smart boy, that one.) lol

Twilight exercises are good in so many ways.