Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesdays Tales

  Had a lovely day.  Got my house cleaned up, got my laundry all washed and hung out on the line to dry, and even got it all back in again. lol A good day indeed.

  I don't know what's going on with me...I have been so emotional the past day or two.  Today I was sitting on the couch taking a break and that darn ASPCA ad came on with Sarah McLaughlin singing...I turned the volume off even. But just seeing the faces of those poor abandoned and abused animals got me crying. Sheesh.  Then later, after the husband came home and we had dinner...he was going in the other room and I said I love you...and he said-I love you too, sweetums.  And all I could think was that today when he called me on his lunch break he said, (like he always says) Hey babe...how are ya?? And every time he leaves a message on my voice mail, it's babe or honey or sweetums or beautiful...and I started to cry...because I was thinking--20 years, and he still calls me sweetums. 20 years and he still loves me as much as he did in the beginning. And here I am...I'm mean and I'm grouchy and I'm impatient all the time. Surely I don't deserve this. And I sat there and blubbered like a baby. He came back in the room and said--Hey, what's wrong?? And of course all I can do is sniffle and snort and say, nothing's wrong. I just don't know how this happened. And he's like--how what happened? talk to me, babe...  And--do you see how ridiculous this is?  LOL

  Must be the planetary alignment or something making me all goofy like this.

  Our anniversary is in 2 weeks. Maybe that's part of it too.  Sweet lord.  I may not live through this year....lol


   Made a wonderful stir fry for supper, with brown rice and corn on the cob. lol  Corn, because when I shopped last week, I bought 4 ears.  And when he stopped to pick up some Napa Cabbage for me, he bought 4 ears as well.  But it was so good, loaded with veggies...red onion, garlic scapes and cloves, brussels sprouts, zucchini, red cabbage, snow peas, organic carrots and celery,  red and green bell pepper, cauliflower and broccoli, seasoned with dried basil, sea salt and cracked black pepper. Cooked in a little sesame oil. It was really good...bursting with all those fresh flavors. And I was really hungry, after laboring mightily all day.

  After supper, we went out and planted 2 eggplants and about 15 cucumbers. Weeded a little. Checked the progress of everything. I am not real happy with those new sweet potatoes I got. I may replace them when Pappy's has the Beauregards in a week or two. Everything else looks marvelous. The edamame got weeded yesterday before the storm and it looks really good now.  The tomatoes are ready to be staked, that will go on tomorrows list. 

  My big list for tomorrow is mowing. And making granola bars. And finish up the planting with the lemon grass, sage and rosemary that are sitting on my kitchen island.  That's it. (she said ruefully) It will be a full day... This weekend is my family reunion, and my husband just informed me that he mistakenly rescheduled the District Meeting for that day. So, he won't be going to the reunion with me. Which means that I may go down a day earlier than planned and spend some extra time with my family, since he'll be here to care for the animals. He's more upset about it than I am....lol

  Okay. I'm about ready to hit the hay. I worked hard today and it's late.

  Have a good Wednesday, everyone. I'm still recuperating from being out in the sun all day Monday...



Mary LA said...

I understand about the emotionalism, not a bad thing Annie, the way the river sweeps us along, so many joys and so many tears. Twenty years is a long time and so much loving.

And of course it is also to do with the planetary alignments and the plight of frightened and mistreated animals and the plants coming up outside, families, health and loss and everything else.

How I wish we could just sit down together at the kitchen table and talk, have homemade bread and a pot of tea together.

DJan said...

I agree with Mary. Sometimes I get that way, too, but only YOU can write about it and make me feel the same way. (wipes away the tears)

Beth said...

We all have days like that Annie. I too cry over the least little thing, I am tender hearted and am a sucker for any cause.

Don't forget to take a shower gift to the reunion.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi! When is your anniversary date? Ours is June 18th. Hope you have a nice one! Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage

Rita said...

Just thinking about having somebody who would love me for 20 years made me cry!

And then you made me hungry.

It must be a planetary alignment. ;)