Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Technotard rides again...

 The walking onions are up and flourishing. I have chives too, that came up in last years patch.

  ON the other hand, I am having some troubles with the computer (nothing major)  and I feel like a real doofus.

 Why do I always judge myself by the things that DON'T go right instead of by the things that DO???

  Sigh...I have a headache and zero tolerance or patience tonight. With anything. lol  What?? You say this might NOT be the time to try to do technical stuff with the electronics????

  I watched Harry's Law tonight after I got home...I love Kathy Bates. It was particularly good, and there was a guy on there that used to be on ER...he was a jerk there and he is playing a jerk here. Watching him, I told the husband--that guy needs ritalin!!  lol    I feel like I need something tonight. Probably sleep.  I had a cup of coffee at about 6PM with MissB again...that is always a mistake. I need to have that tattooed on my forehead. NO COFFEE AFTER 5 PM !!!!

  I got a dozen plastic gallon jars today from a guy who was setting them out to be recycled. He gave them up gladly. They'll be perfect for storing flour, dried beans, etc in my pantry. They came from a church sausage supper where the german Lutherans had sauerkraut...he told me they served over 136 gallons of kraut.  (I was impressed).  He said he has more jars too, if I want them. I generally use glass jars and have quite  a few of them from my old restaurant days, but they are getting harder and harder to find.  They make great pantry storage.

  I think I felt an earthquake tremor this evening around 10:15.  I have had a stiff neck for several days too...and that concerns me. I have a sensitivity to quakes and can sometimes tell when they are coming. (Long story, just trust me on this. Someday I'll tell the unabridged version).  I have been out of sorts all day...

  Alright. It's 2 AM...I have got to go to bed.

Sweet dreams, y'all....



Andrew said...

You might be right that trying to fix tech problems when tired and out of sorts is not a great idea.

All the very best dear one.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

The weather changing like that always has me out of sorts, and I too have a sensitivity to the rumblings of the earth, we will need to discuss this someday!

Hopefully sleep has found you and you are enjoying today!

love ya