Sunday, March 20, 2011

Suddenly Sunday

 This is my sweet baboo,, a little long haired black and white kitty. She's adorable and extremely affectionate. The yellow cat is Frankie Figs. He's not crazy about any of the other cats.

  I finally got the photo program installed...had to uninstall it and then have another go at it. It is finally done and all I have to do now is take more pictures. lol  I also had to download the manual for the camera...turned out to be over 150 pages. Crikey. Nobody wants to give you an owners manual anymore...aaarrrggghhh.....

  Today was a very long and uncomfortable day at MissB's house. Altzheimers is a very cruel disease, and I'm relieved that my parents didn't live long enough to have to suffer with it. It is tragic.

  The weather was grand, with highs of around 79 degrees. It was sunny and glorious and I managed to get outside several times. This morning I made a trip to the county seat of these parts and did some shopping. Bought my customary supply of  Sumatran coffee at Starbucks...2 one pound bags of whole beans.  Then I went to the 
large market (Dierbergs) and bought a few things and looked in vain for the Garam masala spice mix.  When I came home, I googled it and found several recipes for making it myself. I have all the spices except the whole cardamom.Tomorrow I will try the health food store's bulk spices ...they might have it.  And then, I will be ready to make chicken tikka masala for the first time.

  Got an email from a friend who is going to give me some kefir grains.  Woohoo!  Then I will try making kefir at home.  I used to drink it all the time...and haven't had it in years. Exciting!

  I am very tired tonight and it's getting late, but I wanted to stop here and write...something, anything! I have started another writing project and am hammering away at it, a bit at a time.I think April is NaNoWriMo's scriptfrenzy month...I have never tried writing a script....

  The world is turned on it's ear: Japan is in trouble with nuclear radiation and the powers that be have started bombing Libya. I'm sure it's a delicate situation...and then we have elected officialos saying out loud and publicly that we should ..."Shoot the illegals coming across the border like feral hogs".  I am saddened and dismayed this week by the state of the world and the ugly side of humanity. Retreat into prayer is all I know. Love is the only and compassion and a strong heart.  Bless us everyone....



Andrew said...

And the wheel turns.

Gook luck on finding the cardamon.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Love is the only answer, it's sad to me that so many have no idea...much love and peace to you!
xo G