Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday nights...

 Wow. A busy day today, even though I tried to get all my cleaning/housework/laundry done in the past couple of days, so that I could actually have my day "off". I cleaned my office up nice, cleaned the spare bedroom, which is a "crap magnet", where I throw anything and everything that I don't know what to do with. There is actually a bed in there!!!!!  lol

  Today was the install for the new internet service / phone / and satellite tv. I went back to the phone company when they offered me a deal that cost the same as my Wild Blue satellite is so much faster and better all round. It just happened that the Wild Blue contract is up on the 18th, so I am good to go. The poor kid doing it had a time of it, but finally he got everything done and it is all set. The Dish Network guy was here at 8:01 and done by 9:15.  We have television again. I have mixed feelings about it, but it will be okay. It was a nice 2 year hiatus though, I must say,

  I burned paper trash that doesn't recycle here. I made Creme Brulee. I went to the market and basically waltzed through the day. We had some nice steaks for supper, with a garlic bleu cheese topper and sauteed mushrooms and onions, fresh asparagus, and  faux "potatoes"--a dish made with cauliflower and cream cheese.  It has been a good Friday.  The Irishman is off to bed now, and I am probably not far behind. Feeling good and wore out tonight.

  I am getting a new computer. VERY excited. My old Compaq is about 8-9 years old and slow as molasses. I got a really good deal on an HP, ran the specs by my nephew, who said it was a good deal for the price, and would probably be more computer than I could handle. lol  It should be here in less than a week. I saved my pennies specifically for a new computer, and then this deal fell in my lap. I am not going to know how to act...

   The weather is finally warming up here. Made it to the mid 60's today. After the tv guy left, we watched all the news accounts of the earthquake in Japan and the terrible devastation. We have been through a 7.5 quake whilst living in California, and I know how terrifying it can be. My thoughts and prayers go out to all. We were especially concerned because of  the tsunamis heading for our dear Northern California..we lived just south of Crescent City for years. AND we have friends in we were particularly engaged.

  Patrick worked outside clearing up the yards and burning brush and starting to clean up the garden area. I hope to get out tomorrow and get my Rose of Sharon trimmed as well as a few other plants. I should have done it months ago, but never got to it.  The seed catalogs are rolling in by the dozens, and I am starting to get itchy. It's way too early to plant, but I could get ready to start seeds in flats maybe. 

  Okay. I am going to head for bed and maybe get some more rest.  I've been coughing a bit tonight--probably should NOT have been out there burning stuff...I am just getting over a nasty bout of flu/bacterial pneumonia. It was ugly a couple of weeks ago....\

  Glad to see ((Pam)) back blogging again. I swear [again] I am going to try to do a better job here.  Sigh...this is why I will never be a published writer.  NO DISCIPLINE.  lol

  Nighty night, all....



Andrew said...

Wow! Things are really moving on Detour Road. I am glad you are mostly over the "crud" and feeling better.

Pammie said...

So glad to be back.