Monday, March 21, 2011

Mad as a March hare...

Always wondered what that meant...I should google it.  brb

Got it. apparently hares breed in the month of March and act all godawful crazy...much like humans. It's origins are in the UK (surprise!) from way back when. And that's all you really need to know.  LOL

LOOK!  Today is really the first day of spring and I can prove it...

The forsythia are blooming in the backyard!!!!

  Not only that,

But the lilies are coming up too!!  I was out walking around the back yard after feeding the chooks, and saw daffodills, crocuses and violets as well. Before long there'll be grass to mow and gardens to plant. I can't wait!  Our high today was 82. It's hot tonight too.

  I spent the better part of my morning doing all kinds of spring cleaning....even got the laundry done.  I hung rugs out over the porch rail to air out, vacuumed, dusted and generally had a darn productive day. Then I was off to MissB's at 2:30 and got home around 8:30.  I made granola bars for the irishman's lunches today and left them in the pan to cut when I got home. Big mistake. The waxed paper was practically welded to them. Sigh...Finally got them all wrapped and in the fridge and then cleaned up dishes and whatnot before retiring to my computer chair. (After watching Harry's Law)

  Once again I'm staying up later than I'd planned. The weather has all the animals crazy and nobody wants to come inside...arrgghhh....think I've got the majority of them in here. Maybe I can get moving towards my bed here in a minute.

  Got a call tonight from the husband of a friend...she's in jail, clearing up the wreckage of her past. He sounded terrible and asked if I'd write a letter.  Of course I will. She's been sober almost 3 years, and this little thing right now is over 5 years old.  Makes me grateful to be sober and to have gotten through that "phase of my developement" a long time ago. Not saying I don't still have to make amends for things...just different things than I used to have to. And for quite a few years now, they haven't involved any jail time. Prayers and blessings for R-

  Okay...I'm on my way to meet up with the Sandman...Catch you on the upswing....