Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday on the Prairie

 Been a bit of  a  loud world of late.  I am spending some quiet time right now, with a tiny kitten curled up on my chest. Not exactly conducive to keyboarding. lol  But she sleeps away and the house is peaceful, and that's all good.  Was up early and on the road, off to a meeting that started at 9. Scurried around getting animals fed before I left. and wound up being a little late.

  The new phone does not work well here at the house. Damn.  I may be stuck with AT&T...which will annoy me even more than I already am.  It works like a charm in town. Very clear and strong and everything except what I need. Which is to have  phone at home.  Arrgghhh...whatever happened to tin cans and string ????  I am not giving up yet though. I still have the other phone connected, and thought I'd better try this one first. Glad I did.  

  I need to make some fertilizer for my garden, I think.  Maybe I'm just not being patient.

  Yesterday I had to come up with a vegetarian dish for the Irishman  to take to his potluck.  I happened upon one of my Vegetarian soup books and thought--ooo.....a chilled soup would be the bomb in this heat !!  So I started looking around the garden and cupboards and sure enough, I had all the ingredients to make Gazpacho. So I made that (and a mess of my kitchen!) with juicy organic tomatoes and bell peppers and cucumbers, parsley and cilantro, garlic and onions and tomato juice.  A little honey, a little cayenne....a little dill weed, a little sea salt.  YUM.  It is beautiful yo look at and scrumptious to eat. Just had another cup of it for lunch.  Husband said it was a hit at the meal...everyone wanted the recipe.  Of course, I won't give it to them.  lol

  Sigh...the woman has not called me about my schedule for the part-time job. I don't know what this means, but it is getting on my nerves.  I guess she has a lot on her plate, and I will call her this evening if I don't hear from her, I think. Of course, all my doubts and anxieties come rushing right up to the center stage...and I wonder if she is a flake, or has decided not to hire me.  

  Okay. I guess I should go out and see about the blackberries. Am freezing about a quart a day. Things are getting ready to rev up here in the food production business.  I'll be a regular whirling dervish.



Prayer Girl said...

My mouth waters for blackberries.

Phones that don't work at home are "for the birds". I hear ya - let's get back our tin cans and string. :)


Mary LA said...

Hoping you hear about the job soon Annie. Your gazpacho sounds heavenly.

steveroni said...

Annie...when are you NOT whirling? Or whirring? Fantastic soup, I'm thinking, and "Blackberries with cream...Ahhh!

Glad I got over here today.