Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And...we're OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanted to stop in quickly and jot a note. Big time storms last night and yesterday and couldn't get on the computer. No matter, as I had a date with my sponsor and spent about 3 hours getting myself grounded and advised on some issues in my life. And last night the lightning was so beautiful...dangerously close, but incredible.

  Have a big day of canning green beans and tomatoes, drying some stuff and laundry (maybe). I have to go out and check the garden and pick the beans too before I get started on the 20 pounds I already have picked.  We had a lot of rain last night, so I imagine things have changed out there in the past 24 hours, lol. One of my favorite things about gardening is the remarkable changeability that comes with weather. The edamame experiment is going gangbusters. There are now 2 inch pods on most of the plants, which, by the way, are about 3 feet tall. They sure seem to love that location. The pods will fill out and be a fuzzy purple (I think) when they're done. I can't wait!!

  The peach tree is hanging heavy with peaches. The branches are so loaded this year that they need to be propped up, and that will be the workday on Friday when the Irishman is off. As well as more blackberries. They are really bountiful this year too, and huge and juicy. It's a good year for the garden this year, and I am very thankful, as my pantry is getting pretty empty of home-canned foods. I have changed my mind about selling my upright freezer, and I told himself last night. It will be a perfect place for storing the dried foods as well, and he agreed. I got it at a sale for only 75 dollars, I and I couldn't replace it for that if I changed my mind about need ing a second freezer. And you know me and my

  The kittens are healthy and playing all the time. The pups are enjoying these dog days of summer.  And I am stalling...have to get to work!!

  Pictures later...



Prayer Girl said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. I would love to see those heavy-laden peach boughs.


Andrew said...

I do love to read of life on the space my friend Annie occupies.

Much love to you dear one.