Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

It's counting down to the beginning of the New Year, and I'm so excited! All the prospects of a new day, the fresh start. Looking back at the past year, I can see how I have crippled myself by not taking advantage of opportunities, of letting fear chart the course of my journey sometimes. I can strive to do better.. I can certainly look at the 3 fold path: physical, mental and spiritual. And I can address issues and take more time for meditation and treat myself more like a precious child of God.

We opted to stay in tonight forego the local AA festivities. They're having a dance and stuff. We are both tired and really prefer the quiet of home. HUbby worked all day and was ready to just put his sweats on and his slippers and watch tv.

We are blessed to be sober on this, New Year's Eve. We are blessed to be loved and to have familky nearby and friends to support us. We are blessed with furry family and feathered family and that everyone is home, safe and sound.

Bless you all. And bless the world. And embrace the beauty of the day, wherever you happen to be.

"Awaken each morning in gratitude for another day of limitless possibility!"


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J-Online said...

Just stopping by to wish you a very happy, safe, heatlhy, and sober 2009. I'm blessed to have met you this past year. Hugs, Jenn