Sunday, December 28, 2008

Silly Sundays

Ahhhh...just another silly Sunday. I can see that, now that it's almost over.

We arrived at the meeting hall this morning to find all the tables and chairs folded up and put away. What?? Then when I went in to check the bathrooms, the men's room was a disgusting mess and so, twisted serpent that I am, I cleaned it. That was bad enough. Later we took one of my sponsees and her son home from the meeting. After dropping them off (14 days clean and sober and chatters like a herd of squirrels-nonstop-without taking a breath), we decided to run a little errand and have a little lunch. Not in that order. We went to the Mexican place that we love and had a fine lunch and then off to errands. On the way home we pass a sign on a road that says (I am NOT making this up) WE DON'T RENT PIGS. Now, I've seen this before (may have even posted about it) but today it just struck me as the silliest thing I have ever seen. I started laughing, and I swear to you, it was like I was taking psylicibin. I could not stop giggling, and I was snorting and choking and turning all the colors of the rainbow. And my darling husband is trying his best to be all serious and looking at me like I've lost my mind. And it just made it worse.

And the whole day was like that. And I was powerless to stop it.

I am so blessed by laughter and humour in my life, but this was ridiculous.

It was like God had decided to do a new stand-up and schtick routine. We pulled up in the driveway and the dogs had been frolicking in the mud and the black dog was brown, and the white dog was gray and the tan dog was black. And the little one just kept looking at me, and cocking her head from one side to the other. And the paroxysm of laughter started again.

A few hours later I got a wonderful phone call from a friend on the other side of the country and spent a lot more time laughing.

Later still, I called another friend who has a tough time this time of year. She had a son who commited suicide and got sober around the same time. We spent a lot of time giggling like teenagers.

And a little later still I was IM'ing with a friend from FL and laughing even more.

Silliness. Laughing. All things that are so good for my soul. There are a lot of people with nothing to laugh about in the world, and thanks to my sober life, I am not one of them. So, it's okay to be silly and to laugh until you pee your pants.

Just don't rent pigs.

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