Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blessed Tuesday...

Well. Here I am, finally back online and raring to go. lol. Truthfully, after almost 2 months away, I can barely remember what to do. My computer is still not repaired, but I was sent one by a very dear friend and it arrived today. She doesn't use it anymore, and kind enough to mail it off. I have had to do some computer geek stuff (that I figured out all by myself!!) and am trying to get it all cleaned up and arranged so I can use it.

She is a recent non-smoker...I cannot believe how much my eyes are watering from the thing. lol I am NOT complaining...I am very grateful for her generosity. I took windex to the box because the smell was rather pervasive. It got worse after being turned on and heating up some. It's still pretty bad....and I am just very sensitive to it.

I am trying to clean out about 3000 emails and after the holidays I will make an effort to catch up with y'all...

I'm so glad to be home!!!!!! Hope all is well for you all and that you have a very merry merry and happy ho ho.

Tomorrow I will be back on track, but for tonight let me just send a bunch of big old hugs and kisses....XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX


steveroni said...

Annie K., WELCOME HOME! You're just like my girl friends of years ago, they'd always want to "make up" (not "make out"! -grin-) with me, JUST BEFORE Christmas! HO! HO! HO!

That was around age 6-12. After that, things got serious. Those girls were ALL SO LUCKY they didn't end up with me--the town drunk! And if one HAD married me, she'd have been one of FOUR! Holy crapola, steveroni, why are telling everyone this on Christmas Eve?


steveroni said...

Annir, I hope one I sent you (comment) went through. But in case not, please know that Steve E. sends his love along with wishes for a MERRY CHRISTMAS!