Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Musings on a winters night...

 It's way past my bedtime but I can't sleep.  I'm working on a conference program and it's driving me crazy. I'm just not computer literate enough, I guess. I finally got the template I need from someone in another town though, so hopefully this will solve my problems. Grrr,,,

  I had a relatively relaxed and peaceful was one of my twice a month volunteer days in the office and I puttered around the house up until tie to leave. Not enough time for a project or anything (like canning apples), but enough time to make supper so that when I get home about 20 minutes after himself, I can heat some stuff and finish off the vegetables (green beans tonight) and we can eat by 7. I baked some chicken thighs and cooked some quinoa. Swept the wood floors. Cleaned the chicken coop and was off by 1:15. 

  Lots on my mind today. Going down to see my sister-in-law and spend time with my brother and niece tomorrow (today).  I had baked an oatmeal spice cake Monday for a friends birthday and posted a picture of it on Facebook and she saw it and said--ohhh you know how much I love that cake... lol. 

 So her old auntie will bake one early tomorrow morning and take it down for her.  It's an easy cake and has a broiled frosting on it, which goes on while the cake is still warm. My sister-in-law's sister has been here from California and I guess she's going back home on Friday. I'll get the skinny tomorrow. I may be spending a lot of time down there and maybe some over-nighters if my brother needs me. She is still hanging on, bless her heart. Can barely sit up and can't stand much at all anymore, her muscle tone is fading fast. Hospice is there to help as much as they can. Life on life's terms.  Thanks for any prayers you can send this way.

  How did I allow myself to get into this conference thing ? lol  It is a kind of big deal and lots of work organizing and presenting these things. I am only the co-chair at least.  But there are a million little things that have to be followed up on and done and re-done. Negotiations with the venue itself (which has been a nightmare) juggling costs and trying to find volunteers to help with all the different committees.  I keep telling myself to just breathe...the dates for it are in March (11th and 12th) and the time is flying by suddenly. My worst fear is that the docs will sudden;y agree to do my second knee replacement and it will fall in the middle of all this. lol  You KNOW which choice I will make...commitment be damned. I want to be pain free and able to walk and kneel by spring garden time. 

  My latest INR was 2.3  That might mean a surgery date. Fingers crossed.

  I just realized a bit ago that in a couple of days I will have been blogging here for 7.5 years. Is that crazy or what ???  Not well or regularly, necessarily...but still. 7.5 years people !!!  wowza

I listened to an interview on NPR today...Terry Gross (Fresh Air) doing an interview with a scientist who wrote a book about the brain. Stress. meditation, etc. It was very interesting and renewed my motivation to really get back into the Mindfulness meditation practices. So very good for one's body and mind and soul.

 I am also getting back into the study group out at the ecological center (I took a hiatus) and we are going to be watching a series called  Inner World Outer World. The first day of it will fall on the Irishman's birthday, February 8th.  There's also the annual winterfire coffeehouse coming up out there this Saturday. It's always a good time. I have missed those people.  A lot.

  OKay...I am dragging this old butt to bed.  It's 2 AM and I have to get up early tomorrow. Hope you're all dreaming of spring...



Cloudia said...

Namaste! Our prayers and good wishes are with you!

Mama Pea said...

Smart decision to have the surgery whenever you can! Or as soon as you can. That certainly would be a plausible excuse to bow out of your commitment. And everyone would understand. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Dirt Lover said...

Prayers are being sent to you for a perfect surgery! Being able to be in the garden is a wonderful goal. Hope you are able to sleep better! I am often awake in the middle of the night. No fun :/

Akannie said...

Thanks Cloudia...good to see you. xoxoxo

Akannie said...

Mama Pea...I know. I just sent an email to my ortho doc begging him to get the ball rolling... we'll see what he's been hurting more than usual the past couple of days and I am limping badly...sigh. I just worry about my unbalanced gait and all affecting the new knee and messing something up.

Akannie said...

Me too Lori--my sleep patterns are strocious sometimes. Oh is what it is. At least I have the luxury to nap whenever I want (mostly). SO good to see you !! xoxoxo