Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Whack-a-doodle-do !!!!

  I'm waiting for the canner to decompress. It's full of green beans, with the next batch waiting in the wings. I was out there earlier, in the garden, and saw that they probably need picking again tonight. I am astonished at the abundance.  The plants are starting to show some wear and tear...I think last year we started our second planting about 2 weeks from now. Every thing else is coming along...there are green tomatoes and cucumbers, some jalapenos, okra flowers (on very short plants for some reason) and even some tiny little okras. There are pods on the edamame and the potatoes are dying back too.

 My chickens are starting to lay again. (Knock wood) I got 5 eggs yesterday, but so far only 2 today. They aren't breaking them like they were, thank goodness. I cleaned the coop this morning and cleaned and filled all the water dishes. 

  It's hot again. About 90 out there. I'm pretty much staying out of it...I needed to make a grocery run today and still haven't made it. The local market has turkey breasts at a really good price and so I thought I'd go get a couple.  I can't easily find nitrate free turkey around here, so I guess I'll cook it myself.  Cheaper anyway to do it like this.

  I've started the Fast Metabolism Diet. This timing may not be the best...but I guess there's always an excuse to not do it, not get started.  But honestly, the prednisione is wrreaking havoc with me. I only have 2 more days of it after today, thank goodness.  2 pills only tomorrow and then 1 pill only on Thursday. I'm having headaches form the cafeine and sugar withdrawal, after only 2 days. Yesterday I was so exhausted that after I had my lunch I had to go to bed. Slept for 2+ hours, and felt a little better after I woke up. I was back in bed again last night by 11 though...I feel wonky from the prednisone, all irritable and moody. SO not like me. I'll be glad when it is over.

 The reason I am trying this diet is that my friend swears by it and it's one of the only diets I've found that insists on eating whole foods, natural healthy foods. It's turning out to be hard to eat as much as she wants you to. I'm struggling to make myself do it.  But between Monday and Tuesday mornings, I have lost 1.4 pounds.  There's a lot of water to drink...I'm a serious drinker too, and it's ...well, I have to drink 100 ounces of water daily.  Last night all I did was pee.  lol  I am kind of missing my morning coffee, but other than that there's no issues. There's enough fresh fruit that I'm not missing sweets much. There's enough protein and fiber that I don't feel hungry at all. (AT.ALL.)  In fact, I feel overfull from eating 5 timnes a day when my body isn't used to it.

  My microwave died the other day. I carried it's remains out to the recycling area and am seriously considering NOT replacing it. The only thing I use it for is thawing out stuff because I never remember to get things out of the freezer in a timely manner. Oh, and to heat up the neck pad. That reminds me, I'd better get some pork tenderloins out of the freezer before I forget again...The hardest part of this first phase of the diet is no fats or nuts.  And learning how to live  wheat,sugar,corn,and caffeine free. I have suspected for a while that I am gluten sensitive. Probably not enough for a diagnosis, but enough that I feel icky after eating it. We'll see how it goes, if I stay on that part from now on or go back to eating it once in a while.  My metabolism definitely needs to be jump started.  Hopefully this plan will work. I'll keep you posted.  lol

  Okay, the canner is ready and I need to get the mail. See ya on the flip-flop.



Mariodacatsmom said...

Good luck on your new diet. I'm sure it will work for you because you have a good attitude for it. We had our first meal of fresh green beans (farmer's market) tonight and they were heavenly. There is nothing like produce fresh from the garden. Stay cool.

DJan said...

Prednisone wreaks havoc on ANYBODY. I will be glad for you when it's in the background, but if it does the trick for your foot, it's worth it. You didn't mention it, so I'm hoping it's better.

Ashling said...

Fantastic opening quote....and inspiration from one of my most favorite writers.

Good luck w/ the food plan; I'll be curious to hear how it works!