Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July Weekend

While technically yesterday was the grand old holiday, nearly everyone has a 4 day weekend. The fun just keeps on coming. lol  


  So much so, that it's now Saturday, and I'm only on the second sentence in this post.  LOL

  We picked these green beans Friday, and have at least as many ready again today. I thought I was going to cook them yesterday, but we wound up not cooking, and going to our favorite little Japanese place and then to see Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger.  Food was great, as always, and JD was freaking awesome as Tonto.  It was a good movie. Lots of old west shoot 'em up, railroad men, and bad guys. and a damsel in distress, of course. 


  My right heel is so bad today I can barely walk. It hurts no matter what I do...elevated it, iced it, got a foot massage from the Irishman...nothing helps. Monday I'm calling a specialist. I can't take this.  Of course, because it hurts, I'm walking funny and that's causing pain in my left knee and hip. I may have to get the crutches back out.  The Irishman is going to fix supper. He left for the store a bit ago...said he wants hotdogs, corn on the cob and potato chips. I said--whatever. I don't even care.  I'll eat whatever he puts in front of me, just, please God--let him buy a decent hotdog (if there is any such thing).  lol

  It wasn't hurting so bad this morning. In fact I put on my tie up shoes and socks and we went to the Farmers Market in Edwardsville. Bought some squash, some blueberries and 2 more basil plants. Stopped at the little mom and pop place in town and bought a couple of huge onions and a cantaloupe. Spreading the wealth around a little.  We came home right after that, and it wasn't long before the heel pain started. So tired of being in pain...

  Anyway, most of the weekend has been good. Tomorrow the Irishman is going off for a day of hiking and fishing with his friend Jerry. I don't know what my plans are...depends on if this mess clears up. I might wind up canning my first batch of beans, depending on what's out there. I really want some fresh beans sauteed in EVOO with fresh garlic.  My mouth is watering for those babies.  lol


  Enough for today. I'm heading back to the couch. Maybe I'll try a heating pad and see if that makes any difference. I took a couple of aspirin a bit ago, hoping that would take the edge off it. I have about a half a pain pill that I can take tonight if it doesn't get any better.

  Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays !!!!



DJan said...

So sorry to hear about the heel pain. That really sucks, because there's nothing you can do that doesn't include it. I am going this week to see JD be Tonto. I hope I like it as much as you did. :-)

Beth said...

I am sorry you are feeling so tough Annie. I hope you feel better soon.

The green beans look so good!!

Susan said...

I hope that your pain is less by now - somehow, foot pain is almost the worst possible. Your garden sounds so much further along than mine! I am still waiting for my beans. I love Johnny Depp and was wondering if the movie would be worth it. Sounds like it - I'll put it on my 'to see' list.