Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tickle me Tuesday...

  This is maybe one of the best salads I've made in a long time. 

 This might be a little better view...

  It's a minty peach and watermelon salad. Oh. My. God.  This recipe is heading for Dragon Womans Kitchen.

  The wrap was really good too. I originally intended to make a Mediterannean wrap, but wound up making a teriyaki tempeh wrap.  I had some leftover pinto beans, some leftover rice...I cooked the tempeh strips in olive oil and then simmered them in teriyaki sauce. I laid that on top of some julienned green onions from the garden, topped it with some leftover sliced black olives and a few leaves of lettuce from the garden. Wrapped it all up in a sun-dried tomato tortilla and ate like kings. YUM!


  It's a scorcher out there.  95 already at noon.  I have been one busy beaver this morning...took the Irishman to work and kept his truck. Stopped at the Rural King and picked up 160 pounds of critter feed and came back home. Unloaded the truck, fed the critters, spent almost an hour watering the gardens and  flower pots. Then I went around front and hosed down the concrete (dog puke from yesterdays heat) and my rocking chairs and the shutters and stuff.  Watered the 2 pots hanging on the porch too.  Came back in the house to cool off for a bit and started some laundry.  I have 3 loads hung out to dry and I think that is all I'm gonna do. 2 of the loads are bedding from the spare room --full of baby chick dust!!   And one load of whites.  Not really that much of anything else, since I just did laundry on Thursday. 

  Then I headed back out to the garden and picked about 2 quarts of snow peas! And a handful of radishes. And some chard. I still have enough lettuce in the fridge, so I left it alone. That doers finish off the radishes though, so we need to get some more of those darling seeds in the ground.  I am thinking I will just do a big salad for supper. It's too hot to cook.


  The doglets are all in the house. Most of the cats too. Can't say as I blame them. I don't want to go out again either.  But I do need to go pick up some straw. WHICH I WILL NOT UNLOAD BY MYSELF. (Just sayin'...)  The RK had straw for sale, but they wanted 7 dollars a bale for it. No, thank you.  I am already balking at having to pay 5....so that means I need to make a run into town. Actually, just outside of town--the other side, naturally. But it's either that or get it from the nursery, and I'd really rather buy from a local farmer.


  Think I'll make myself a peanut butter sandwich for lunch...just wish I had some of that good milk from MOTS...I really need milk with my peanut butter....but don't drink enough milk to keep it on hasnd.  The Irishman drinks rice milk, which I'm not crazy about. It's okay for using on cereal, but I can't drink a glass of it. lol

    Ok--I need to eat.  Then I might just take a nap, since I've been up since 5. I have to pick the Irishman up at 5:30, and in between now and then, vacuum, get some straw and ??? something.  I can't remember what.   I'm sure it will come to me...



  TTFN....keep smiling, it helps!!



Beth said...

It is a good thing I practice smiling Annie, otherwise I would be crying and that is not good.

It is very hot here too today. I was not looking forward to a long hot summer, or is that the name of a movie. Whatever??

DJan said...

It's 57 degrees here right now, at almost noon, and the sun just came out after three days of rain. My garden is doing well, but the weeds are also awfully happy, it seems. Time to get busy out there, as soon as it stops being so muddy. It is awfully HOT in your part of the country, though. I would be glad to take a little of your heat! :-)

Just a little.

Mariodacatsmom said...

Good heaves girl - you sure do work hard in all this heat. I just wilt when it's 95, like today. I can't wait until it cools down.

Rita said...

It's almost 6pm here and it has dropped down to 70 degrees, but 94% humidity, so I am still closed up with the AC on low.

You are always so busy! And your meals sounds so delicious. Poor dogs--so hot they're barfing. Not good. I'm glad they're all inside.

Karma likes to go out on the porch to sleep when it's in the 80s and 90s. Loves it. But she has a screw loose. ;)

Hope you got your hay bales. :)

cloudia charters said...

you need that good food to keep up with your day!

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