Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Lazy Sunday Morning...

  This is all I've done all morning...harvest some lettuces and spinach and chard.  LOL

  I keep thinking any minute I'll jump up and accomplish something, but it might not happen.  Could it be that it's my day off ??  (One of the problems with being retired is that you don't get days off anymore...) lol


  Had a hissy fit for a minute yesterday..  made a beautiful batch of bread dough, had it raising in the bread pans...and the oven wouldn't work. Yes...the oven is out. Again. I don't know f you recall that this happened to me before...and the gas guy said it's probably a tiny piece of rusted metal or something blocking the jet that the gas comes through, because the igniter is heating up just fine. It just won't light the burner. Sigh... So, I have a batch of dough in my fridge, and am trying to figure out what to do with it. I should be baking bread in the bread machine anyway, as it's too hot to be running the oven. So..this is already mixed up and ready to go...I'm thinking...fry bread??  A freaky version of naan??  sigh...The last time this happened I didn't have an oven for a while and then it suddenly repaired itself and started working again. I'm waiting for another miracle, as I really can't afford a new oven and am not sure I want to buy an old one, as it will have problems of its own, I'm betting.  I'll make sure and keep you in the


   We just finished a nice lunch of leftover salad fixins with some egg salad, some cheese tortellini, some pickled beets and crackers. Yum. Now the Irishman is heading out to mow. I am going to check into some recipes for the bread, then download some pinwheel directions and try my hand at that. I did buy a big garish plastic multi-colored pinwheel that I stuck in the edamame...I only bought one because it was 9 bucks..AT Big Lot's !!!! It has about a 3/4 inch thick dowel...a monster pinwheel. I want to make small ones...and they have to be made out of something that will hold up to the weather. hmmm....

   It's a beautiful breezy day out there, all sunny and hot. Maybe the winds will bring rain, we could surely use it, and they were saying  maybe Monday.  Fingers crossed.

  I am feeling so lazy this morning, and I am going to just go with it. Friday I took a lunch out to my friend who broke her hip and spent about 3 hours with her. She's doing her best, but I can see she really hurts. Tomorrow I am going to make something they can heat up for supper and spend time with her again. I was going to make chicken pot pie, but I guess that ain't gonna (No oven).   Saturday I went to a meeting in the morning,. thought about stopping for some groceries and decided to wait and see how long I can go without buying any. I don't need a lot of will be fun to see just how long I can go without buying anything more...I thought I needed onions...then I realized I have the walking onions out there to use. I make my own bread, so there's that. I have a stocked pantry, I have chickens for eggs. I make my own cereal and granola bars. I have plenty of lettuces and radishes for salads.  huh.  I don't need no stinking


  The green beans and the snow peas are both starting to flower. That means before I know it, I will have both of those. yippee!!

  Next weekend the Irishman and I are going to a graduation ceremony for a friend who just completed her medical assistant training, then we will all go to a local pizza joint for a little celebration.  Then Saturday morning I will be getting my coin for 22 years of sobriety at the 10 o'clock meeting.  My AA anniversary is actually Tuesday, as well as my wedding anniversary.  The Irishman and I are celebrating 20 years of welded bliss.   lol  And he has to leave Saturday night for an assembly up in Urbana and will be gone until Sunday evening. The following weekend, he will be going to Wisconsin for his family reunion and will be gone for 4 or 5 days.  SO--it's going to be a busy couple of weeks coming up.


  Alrighty. I'm off to surf the web and see what I can do about my bread. And pinwheels. Oh yeah..I wanna make some art today...I have been seriously neglecting that side of my life lately.  So...have a happy Sunday all y'all....I'm sure going to!



Beth said...

Oh shoot, you had to go and mention Urbana and now I am homesick again. Champaign/Urbana was where I did all of my shopping before I moved here as it was the closest city to my little town.

Happy Anniversary!! AND 22 years! I am very proud of you Annie!

the wild magnolia said...

with you, plan B, will be as good or better than, plan A.

i am sorry for your trouble though. i had an oven go out one Thanksgiving. it was not fun. cooked my turkey and dressing at a friends.

lettuces look sooooo.... good. your garden is busting out all over.

wishing you a happy week, and a way to get everything done, without driving you crazy.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Happy Anniversary and I hope your oven decided to work soon! Great that you have your own pantry and gardens and eggs and don't have to buy from the grocery store! I don't like to go grocery shopping!
Have fun making the pinwheels! Nancy from Cozy Thyme Cottage

DJan said...

Wow, 22 years! That's amazing. Congratulations to you, and happy anniversary to you and the Irishman! I always enjoy your posts, but I'm so sorry to hear about that oven! Hope it heals up all by itself, but I'm not optimistic... :-)

LindaM said...

That's awful. Hope it got fixed or fixed itself! I know that bread can be steamed but I never made it like. I suppose you could freeze the dough for later. What did you do?

Rita said...

You really desperately need your oven for all the things you bake from scratch. I pray it has healed itself!! Keep us posted!

Happy anniversary--both of them!! :):)

Enjoy your visit with your friend. I imagine she absolutely loves seeing your face at her door!!

Let us know what you did with the dough and how the pinwheel insstruction search goes. :)