Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gonna be a Thirsty Thursday...

 Thirsty, because it's supposed to hit 106 out there today. So, I was up at 7 AM and out watering by 8. Everything still was pretty good from yesterdays soaking, but this scorcher spell is supposed to last over 4 days in a row. SO, I think I'll water every morning, just to try to stay a step ahead.  I did pick a HUGE batch of lettuces this morning, some for my neighbors and some for us, because if anything succumbs to this heat wave, it will be the lettuce. 

  I am hanging out laundry and the second load is in the spin right now. The third load will wait until himself gets home, because it's his work clothes. Probably wont' do them until tomorrow morning, since tonight is our discussion group out at La Vista Ecological Learning Center.

  Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage has asked about how often I water since we use the straw mulch.  sigh...I wish I could give you a definitive answer, Nancy.  lol  When we first moved here, 7 years ago, we didn't have city water. We had a cistern and we were VERY water conscious and conservative.  This wasn't too hard for us, as we had lived in California for years and were used to conserving water. Of course this went a little farther than that, but still.  We mulched the beds because it holds water in and prevents so much evaporation, plus it shelters the roots and composts into the raised beds.  The first 5 years we were here, we had two options, haul water in the truck from town, OR haul water up from the pond in buckets.  So, we became very pragmatic about the survival of our garden.  We depended on rain and we tried to plant more drought hardy species. Once a week or so, we would haul water up from the pond in buckets and water the things that were looking the worst.  Because we plant in raised beds, there isn't as much water loss either. Because we compost so heavily, we have wonderful dirt in our beds. All these things lend themselves well to better water efficiency in the ground.

 The past 2 years, we have had city water out here.  Last year, however, I still didn't have an outside spigot for my hose. This year I do.  (Thank Goodness!!)

  Add to this the craziness of the weather. And the length of the growing season these days.

  So far this year, I have been watering about every 3 days.  We aren't getting any rain at all. Usually we get a good soaking rain about once a week or week and a half.  The hot weather here started way early and is hotter than normal, even for here. Because it's going to be SO hot the next week, I am probably going to water almost every day. Early mornings or late nights.  I figure I'll just have to keep an eye on the plants and go from there.

  Most mornings I go out and let the chickens out and sashay past the beds and stop and stick my finger down in the dirt. If it goes up to my second knuckle and is still dry, I will water. It's a fine line sometimes between too much water and not enough water.

  Does that answer your question, Nancy?  (LOL--I didn't think so!!!!)

  BTW, there were some lean years around here when we couldn't afford to go buy straw bales and we used dead leaves--works just as well. We always use some leaves anyway...they compost really nicely.

  Back in from hanging that last load out...oh lordy--it's cookin' out there. The other load I hung out is almost dry.  The chickens are starting to pant, and I showered them some with the hose. They don't like it, but it cools them off .  Guess I'll do a little in-house cleaning; moved some things around out on the deck and swept a little and am soaked. lol.  I'll take a shower once all the dirty work is done. Probably a cold shower. lol  The A/C has been running nonstop, so I turned it up to 78 (from 76) and brought some fans out. Hopefully it will make it through this sweltering mess. I probably need to get out the little cannister and vacuum the vents on that door...I do it regularly because of all the dust out here.

  Not sure what I'll make for supper...has to be something he can eat in the car while I drive. Tempeh burritos, maybe?  Something light, that's for sure. hmmm...wonder if I still have those egg roll wrappers, and if they're any good? That's a thought... I just had an egg on a piece of toast, because I realized I'd gotten so busy out there I forgot to eat breakfast. oops.

  Good day for an afternoon of reading. The big drapes are drawn and the house is a little dark, and cool. Maybe I'll make a bowl of popcorn...

  Stay cool. y'all....temps this high are nothing to fool around with. And it looks like it's hot all over.....(except maybe at DJan's house.  LOL)



Dirt Lover said...

Oh, those hot days are tough! Glad you're going to take it easy this afternoon. I worked this morning, came in, took a shower, now I'm eating lunch. A good book sounds great right now! Or maybe I'll work on my sewing area. I'm trying to get caught up so I can do a little quilting in the bedroom where I keep my little sewing machine. Perfect for afternoons in the summer when it's hot outside. Hope you stay cool!

Beth said...

It is right at 100 degrees here with no rain in sight. This heat is miserable and I am praying the AC keeps working.

Don't overdo outside Annie and stay cool.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi! Hot here too but probably not as hot there. We were out of town but think it probably got to be 100or more. Thanks for the info on watering! Guess there is no way we can get away from not doing it in this heat! Nancy

DJan said...

Yep, you're right there. The temperature inside my house is 71 degrees with no relief in sight. :-)

Rita said...

I thought 90 was hot here. 106--OMG! That is nothing to fool with. Stay cool! I hope the chickens will be alright and all the dogs and cats stay indoors with you. So glad you've got the hose now so you can water early mornings or can you imagine what would happen to the garden! Take care!! :)

LindaM said...

Its awful up here too. Too dry. Seems all the storms pass us by.
We are watering nightly here where before we let the rain and morning mist take care of things for us. No more of that!

Anonymous said...

Hey buttercup. Its Kristin from Jilli Java. I've moved blogs. Come on over and say hi :-)