Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Whaddaya gonna do?--It's Christmas...

 It's official...I am an idiot.

  Yesterday, in a fit of holiday madness, I planned a quickie respite from the holiday madness in the form of a small dinner/gathering for about 15 of our friends, on the Friday evening before Christmas Eve. The insanity of it is that it will be a respite for everyone except (duh) me. I started thinking about it, went to Evite, made an invitation and hurried up and sent it out before I could come to my senses and change my mind. The upside is that I need a smack in the head about holidays (this should do it) and it gets worse every year, seems like. I procrastinate, I grumble, I drag around like I'm waiting for the executioner. It's ridiculous.

  The crazy thing is, once I get going with things I'm fine. I'm not just fine..I'm ecstatic. I'm a sucker for holiday celebrations, and any excuse will do.  This morning I woke up thinking..hmm.. a light supper.  Soup, naturally...a couple of different kinds, some a little more hearty, some light...and some breads and cracker assortments...and hot spiced cider and Mexican Hot Chocolate and coffee and teas and (of course) Christmas Cookies.  I haven't baked or made anything yet, cookie-wise. But that won't take SO much time, right? I have one recipe for a basic dough that you divide and make 5 different kinds of cookies with. That's a time saver.  lol 

  So now, I have a reason to get the house all decorated and fling myself with abandon into the festivities. Because, dammit, I DO like the festivities .  I DO like the excitement and the love and the FOOD.  lol  MY brother-in-law is coming for Christmas with us, if the weather doesn't prohibit it. I am so happy about that.  MY husband will be happy about that.  We usually have small uneventful Christmases together...and the last 2 years we have spent Christmas morning at my son's house, where he cooks a magnificent huge breakfast and we exchange gifts. In years past, when we lived away from all our families, we had quiet melancholy holidays that included phone calls and maybe a movie. Now that we're closer, it has changed some...we always have Thanksgiving with his family or mine, and though Christmas is still immediate family, none of his has ever been part of ours. SO--this year (God willing and the creek don't rise--or the blizzards come) his brother will be here with us.

  I have had 2 Christmas parties here in the last 6 years. It is always fun and in the end, I am always glad I did it.  I don't get myself too worked up over it all...and make sure that I enjoy myself.  One of the beautiful things about winter parties is that it gets dark early, so you can softly light your dirty house with twinkly lights and candles and nobody knows the difference.  (Take THAT! Martha Stewart!!  lol)  I do usually try to make little gifts for everyone...a fancy wrapped box of home made candies, a small stocking stuffed with exotic treats,-one year I found Santa Claus and Snowman jars at the Dollar Store and filled them with a sweet Chex mix recipe that my mother-in-law makes. I stuck red and green ribbons on the top and they were sweet beyond belief.  Sometimes I make baskets of jellies or something, but usually I try to keep it simple and cheap.  It's more fun that way, and easier for people to take. lol


  It's after 1 AM now and I'm fading fast. Another rough night with the Altzheimers patient, bless her heart. She's  losing her bearings a lot more often now, and doesn't know where she is, then gets very agitated.  It's hard to watch and even harder to deal with. Every muscle in my body hurts...stress, I'm guessing. Stiff neck, headache and  all my joints are aching. It's done nothing but rain all day too, which never helps me.   So I shall bid adieu and head for that beautiful sleigh bed, with it's soft beautiful linens and the lovingly made quilt that lies atop all. 

  An appointment with the Sandman....



DJan said...

A dinner party for 15 is relaxing? Yep, some cogs has slipped here, Annie. However, it's you after all, who seems to cram twice as much time into each day as most people. Hope you are a much deserved rest! I always look forward to hearing what's going on with your days... :-)

Beth said...

Good Morning Annie,

I hope you had a good rest last night.
Let's see, dinner for 15 equals 5 large pizzas. LOL Just teasing of course. I am sure you will have a wonderful time and everything will be great.

Rita said...

I'm glad you enjoy the trouble of putting on dinner parties. That would just ruin Christmas for me--LOL! ;) But yours sounds like the kind that would be relaxed and fun to go to. Enjoy the hustle bustle. The company...now that will be great!! :):)