Thursday, December 22, 2011

I really should be sleeping...

...or something. Working.  Sleeping, probably.

  Doesn't really matter. It's after 1 AM. In approximately 17 hours I will have a house full of people expecting to be fed and so far I have only made 1 pot of vegetable beef soup. Well..and some snack mixes.  I have to make Creamy potato soup and white chili still, as well as some rolls or loaves of bread.  I have to finish cleaning and go to the book store for my brother in law's Xmas gifts. I need to hit Aldi's and the Starbucks for coffee and half and half. Oh shit. I'm never going to have things ready in time.

  Oh well. It will be what it will be.  Right. I can always delegate some of the work to the Irishman, although he doesn't always follow directions well.  I sent him to Walmart for gift cards for his sisters and he came back with Discover cards instead of Visas that I asked him to get. And you know how hard it is to find anyone who takes Discover cards. Well, you and I know. He hasn't a clue. sigh... I sit. And I worked up a storm today doing something (I must have--I'm tired). But the birdcage is still not cleaned. The office is a disaster. The guest room, however is all clean and the linens changed and so at least there's that. 

  My body is tired but my mind is racing. Ever feel like that?  Not sure if I can shut this thing off long enough to fall asleep if I do go in there... I need to carry the soup pot out to the mudroom and get out the frozen ground turkey for the white chili so it can defrost. It won't take long really to make the other two soups. One of my guests is bringing Xmas cookies. One is bringing a cheese and cracker tray (or something). I will put out a tray of 2 blocks of cream cheese, one with a jar of sweet red pepper jelly poured over it and one with jalapeno jelly.  It will look quite festive, all red and green.   I have enough crackers and snacks to keep them all busy... I usually put out a tray of different pickled things from my garden...dilly green beans, pickled okra, sweet and hot peppers, pickled baby beets...add some olives  and  call it done.  

  Can't wait to see my brother in law...what a treat to have him here for the holidays.

  Okay...maybe I've talked myself down some and can actually get some shut's going to be morning entirely too soon.

   Merry Christmas, everyone!!!



Mary LA said...

Wish I could be there Annie -- I'm picking fresh summer basil and sweet cherry tomatoes from the garden, have ripe peaches and watermelon in the kitchen. If only you and I could meet mid-Atlantic and share a transcontinental Christmas!

Love and blessings to you my friend

Cloudia said...

fun! Enjoy!

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

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Rita said...

It will all work out but, yes, I have been there with the brain working lists in my head 90mph. ;) Sounds like a fantastic holiday gathering and it will be wonderful!! Enjoy!! Have a Christmas filled with love and hugs! :):)

Akannie said...

Good morning, Mary--what a delight THAT would be !!! our fruits and veggies sound so wonderful (esp. this time of year) and I do have kale still in the garden, lol. A couple of medium frosts here so far--no snow an it's unseasonably warm....Merry Christmas to you and the wonderful housemate!

Cloudia--Thank You!! Much love to you!

Rita--(You're up early!!~~or late!) lol It will all be fine. I'm up at 6 AM and ready to go to it. lol Merry Christmas, my friend!!

LindaM said...

I hate it when my body is tired and my mind is racing so that I can't sleep. I started to use a mantra, "Sleep. Sleep. Sleep." to talk myself down. It works but its hard to keep it going long enough to overtake that inner chatter!
Your menu sounds delicious! Have a great time!

DJan said...

I sometimes can't sleep like that, and I've found that Benadryl (which I take for allergies) works great to get my eyes to finally shut. You are up late often, but I can't seem to make it past 8:00 or 9:00 these days.

As you said, it will all work out but not without a struggle! One day at a time, somebody said... :-)

Beth said...

Good Morning Annie,

Slow down and stay calm. I know you will be fine and everything will be perfect. And, if it isn't, these are your friends and family and they won't care.
Merry Christmas!!!


Judi said...

Just breathe. Merry Christmas!

the wild magnolia said...

You do have a lot to do, however, you hit the nail on the head. Delegate some helping to those arriving. It is so fun to work in the kitchen while visiting.

Have a Blessed and Happy Christmas! ((hugs))

Rubye Jack said...

Wishing you peace for Christmas.

Petit fleur said...

Yes, tired body and mind racing is standard holiday fare is it not? It is round here.

All will be fine. You get some rest Missy or you will be a grump boots at your very own party!