Sunday, May 15, 2011

A wet and cold Sunday in mid-May

 (Sorry--but I thought this was hysterical!)

  It's been raining since Friday evening. After I hand watered most of the garden, of course. And by hand watered, I mean carrying watering cans full of water from the rain barrels. Arrgghhh....So now everything is well watered, and temps have been 50 or below, after days of 90 degrees. Today was absolutely yucky.

  There is lots of sprouting in the garden, despite the cool temperatures. And my irises are all blooming too. It's lush and green and wet out there.  lol

  I am tired and checking in before I go to bed. The Irishman has to take his truck to the garage tomorrow morning and drop it off. Something wrong with it...hopefully not too serious.  We cannot easily afford a big auto repair bill. Oh, well. It will work out the way things always do. Sometimes easier than other times. I'm thinking of a humorous quote..."It will all be okay in the end. If it's not okay--it's not the end."

  Watched a very strange movie tonight from Netflix called Little Children.  Had mixed feelings about it...

  This wet cold has my joints in an uproar. The arthtritis is getting worse and more painful. I guess that is the nature of arthritis. Reminding myself to move, move, move...even when it hurts. It hurts much worse if I don't.  My hands are hurting tonight, as well as my knees and ankles.  I could use some good hot weather to just lie out on the chaise lounge and let the healing energy of the sun do it's stuff. Maybe tomorrow I will use the jacuzzi at the gym. That affords some relief too.

  I chopped down my chives today, Mama Pea.  I froze a bag of flowers to see what they do too. 2 quart bags, one of garlic chives and one of reguilar old chives.  Snipped and frozen. WooHoo!

  Okay. I'm heading to bed.It's about half past midnight here and the old bed is calling me.

  Tomorrow it's supposed to be a tad warmer and much sunnier. Here's hoping....


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DJan said...

We have been grumbling about the weather here, too. Of course we haven't seen 70, much less 90. Rain all weekend. I am fortunate not to have the rain aggravate my joints. Yet. :-)