Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thoroughly Thursday

  My handsome son, in the kitchen, fixing my Mother's Day breakfast! It was a wonderful day.

    A busy Thursday coming up here. Picking up my sister to go to lunch and then the Irishman and I are going to the big music extravaganza put on every year after the spring pledge drive by the local independent radio station KDHX. We have been members for a few years and every year they send us the tickets to go, and every year we don't make it. But--this year, we are going! NO matter what!!

 It is held at the City Musuem in St. Louis and is taking up 4 or 5 floors of the building. Should be a blast...if our old hearts and bodies can take it.  lol  Lots and lots of music, all kinds of food and drinks, and a real good time.

  I have to make a stop by Pappy's Market to see if the sweet potato slips are in yet, because once they are, they'll sell out fast. I really should get it together and raise my own..maybe next year. That's about the last of the garden to get in.  We are supposed to get some rain tonight...if we don't, we are going to have to get out there and water I'm afraid.  The rain has swerved around us the last couple of times it was supposed to come.  We shall see...

 I got all the family reunion reminder flyers made and printed and mailed out yesterday. I've been doing this the past 7 years and it's feeling like time for somebody else to take it on. I usually get it out way before this, but....we have a large family on my dad's side and it's quite a bit of work. Not to mention the reservations and all that I have to make for it....camping and the day use area... We'll see. I'll try to get someone else to take it over at the reunion. I mailed out flyers to over 35 families...

  Gonna go out and check my chooks, look over the gardens and empty the compost bucket. Then I'll get showered and dressed and go pick up my sister. It will be a good day today and I am feeling especially blessed to be on the planet...even though my horoscope the past few days has been talking about my troubling financial situation.  LOL  (Like that's news...)  The Irishman came home talking about possible transmission trouble with his truck last night...oh, dear...He'll get our local guy to have a look at it, hopefully tomorrow.  THAT could certainly be some financial trouble I guess.  We have the money saved to put a new roof on the house this year...some of it may have to fix the truck instead, and if that's how it is, then that's how it is.

  Thinking about changing the name of my blog. Not sure why, but it's been on my mind for a while. Life is all about change, isn't it?  lol

  Okay--off to have a grand day of play. I've worked hard this past week or two, and I deserve it. 

  Are YOU getting enough playtime in ???????




Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I remember you talking about the music fest last year :) YAY!!!

Have fun!!!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Working on the down/play time indeed, it was 8 years before I took a vacation and since then I haven't wanted to return LOL!

Enjoy the music!!!