Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Whaaaaaaaattt ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I don't know what happened to the past few days...it whipped by me at warp speed and now here it is Tuesday.  Yikes.  Sometimes I think old age is like a black hole we fall into, and from time to time peek back up over the edge and are startled all to hell at where we've ended up.

My only son is battling a terrible toothache (broke off a molar--otherwise, his teeth are magnificent)and cannot find affordable help/care anywhere. He is unemployed and has no insurance.  He called the local dental school that does sliding scale work, but they are closed this entire week for board finals or something. I cannot do anything to help him except loan him money to go somewhere, but he doesn't want to do that, of course. He's mad as hell about the state of heathcare in this country and all I can do is nod my head and agree...I thought I'd try to call and see how he is in a few...

We just had 2 days of cold, extremely  windy and rainy weather. There were freeze warnings last night, for heaven's sakes... Today is sunny and nice again and supposed to hit 60. All uphill [supposedly] from there for the rest of the week. We'll see. I need to get busy...I have family coming on Friday and am thinking if I can get the back deck cleaned up we'll grill burgers and brats or something. They are predicting high 70's for that day. I need to get some house cleaning done, shampoo my carpet and work in the yard these next few days. Spring cleaning.

I really had good intentions of hitting the gym this morning, and was even up early, but my dang knee is hurting so bad I don't think I could manage.  It was rough last night, and I alternated heat and ice for a couple of hours. Not sure what I did to aggravate it again...sigh...getting old ain't for sissies.  lol   So, I think I'll go root around in the freezer and find something wonderful to cook for the Irishman's dinner and my own too, make my kefir smoothie, and try to get a jump on a little outside work...assuming I can fit it all in before 2 o'clock. 

Have a wonderfully springy day, y'all.  I'm dreaming about gardening and might even get a few seeds going today. I haven't started anything (and I know, I know...I'm LATE!!)  But I do plant about 3/4 of my gardens directly into the ground from seed.  Because I'm such a procrastinator and always late getting things going, not for ANY altruistic reasons.  lol This year April kinda snuck up on me...I usually at least have lettuce going by now.  Most people around these parts start putting their gardens in AFTER Mother's Day. That's about the safest. Plus it gives the MOTHERS one last free day before they start working themselves to death outside.  lol

 Take the time to savor your life today...



DJan said...

That is just awful that there is no way for him to get his tooth taken care of. And I agree, the health care system in our country is way behind every other country I've visited, including down in Mexico! (sigh)

We have had nothing but rain for so long I'm beginning to wonder if spring is ever coming to my part of the world.

Mary LA said...

Thinking of you Annie -- I live in terror of having to see a dentist because out here they are so badly qualified and ill-equipped and like most of us I have no medical aid at all.

But one day at a time -- I'm looking forward to seeing your pics in spring!