Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday on the old home place...

  Here's a picture of the newly installed lattice work across the front of the porch rail. I cannot tell you how much better it is ... for both us and the poor dog that has to be tied up all the time now.  Now she can't get all tangled up. There is one hole in the rail, right in front of our front door, the only place where she can go in and out.  That's my handsome son/handyman drinking a B vitamin loaded energy drink after finishing the job. (As you can see, I still haven't taken down the Xmas garland...)

  Today the Irishman and I worked outside almost all day. I mowed until I could barely walk, while he did some repairs on the chicken coop and run, and then turned over the dirt/manure in the garden beds. He had to finish mowing the backyard in the outer areas because I couldn't go no mo.  Tonight for date night(lol)  we went to Mr Curry's for supper. I had Lamb Korma Curry and Patrick had Coconut chicken curry and we shared a rice pudding for dessert. Then we went to Home Depot (none there) and Lowes (found it!)  both looking for a heavy tarp to put over the top of the chicken run.  Then we went to Dierbergs so I could pick up a few things I needed to make salad dressings for the lunch I am cooking tomorrow for the retreat.

  By the time we got home I could barely walk.  I've had some aspirin, so it's a little better now. But my shoulders are killling me--guess it's been a while since I mowed!  I also should have worn a mask, because I am sneezing and my nose is running and my heads all foggy. I'm going to take some alka-seltzer sinus and go to bed.  (But boy--does my yard look good!!)  There were a lot of seed heads and debris getting kicked up by the mower. Not to mention things are starting to bloom.

  There are more hummingbirds every day visiting the 2 new feeders I put out.  And this afternoon we had 2 Coopers hawks circling...odd behavior, they were dipping and diving like swallows, and they were way up there. Patrick thinks it must have been some kind of territorial thing going on.

  I have a big full day tomorrow...I have to be at the Ecological center by 8:30 so I can make 2 soups and salads and apple crisp for the luncheon. Then I have to be all done with that to be at work at 3. So when I leave here at 8 AM, I'll be gone til about 8:30 PM.  It'll be a long day...but a good day.

  I'm off to bed, children.  Have a groovy weekend.


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