Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesdays child... full of IT.  lol

  Of course, I'm not a child. But I am acting like one, as I yell and chastise and clean up after this little dog that belongs to my brother.  The one that I so FOOLISHLY offered to doggiesit, while they went to the wedding in Florida.  The one that is whining and crying and marking all over my house. The one that keeps trying to mount anything that doesn't get away fast enough, or bite him first.  It's only been a little over 3 days  and I am exhausted from it all. 

  He did sleep better last night, only whined a little bit. That I heard, anyway. And I know he's just all scared and lonesome for his real family and his own house. I know that . But...I'm fraying at the ends of my rope.  My brother called yesterday to say they had made it to Florida, and asking about the pup. Like a good big sister, I told them not to worry, everything was fine. And it really is. It's just all this....peeing. I forgot what cocker spaniels (even the mixes) are like. We had our old Sophie for about 10 years, but rescued her at about 3 years old. I had another cocker, Wildebeest,  years ago, and he was a nightmare as a pup. I'm sure little Swayze will be a great dog (he really already is...somewhere in there, lol)  and here's a picture of him at his cutest. He's a cockapoo.

  It's a beautiful day. We're supposed to have a nice warm day, so after I went to the store for cat and bird and fish food, I came home and opened all the windows and turned the fans on. I'll probably close it down before I leave at 2:30, because it's been getting downright chilly as the sun goes down. Nights have been around 40 of late.

  Had a nice little breakfast of bacon and fresh tomato on home baked bread, with just a little mayo. I'm still pulling some beautifully ripe tomatoes out of the garden- only a few, and smallish- but really tasty nonetheless. It's time to dig sweet potatoes as well, and I'll probably work on those this weekend while the Irishman is out of state on a camping trip. I'll check first...maybe they won't be ready until NEXT weekend, and then he can have the pleasure,.  lol

  Got some laundry going, and am going to do a little housekeeping. There are plenty of leftovers in the fridge for that man's supper, and so I'm not cooking anything today. Yesterday I made a big skillet of chicken fajitas and brown rice for him.  There's also leftover pork roast and vegetable soup too. Nobody's going hungry in this house. lol

  The guys are coming tomorrow to change out my propane tank. I'm changing companies, going with the more local company that is here in Bunker Hill. They've been an absolute joy to work with in setting up this change. They have set me up with budget billing, so I never have to pay a 900 dollar gas bill all at once again. Payments of a mere 105.00 a month. Then I think I need to call Todd and have the furnace looked at. It doesn't want to light again...I tried to turn it on a few nights ago and the igniter lights, but the gas isn't coming through, or something. Could be clogged. Could be that the tank is too low to sufficiently force the gas into the line. At any rate, we'll get her all fixed up before the real cold weather comes.

  2 more days of work, then I'm off. It will be a long weekend, covering for someone on vacation, but my days will be free.  I'll be spending the night...

  Gonna get outside and enjoy this sunshine. It makes my heart sing...


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glad your heart still sings!

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