Monday, September 27, 2010

Septembers song...


  This has been one busy month. The bulk of the canning and preserving is all finished at last. The 15 quarts of kraut turned out beautifully

I pickled sweet banana peppers in a variety of ways

Been working like crazy ... not really, lol, but it seems like it. I really miss the old days when I could do anything I wanted anytime I wanted.   (Except, of course, I didn't have the $$ to do anything.)  Life was simpler.  lol  But I'm not complaining...

  Anyhoo...we still have sweet potatoes to dig in about a month..and there are still bell peppers and tomatoes out there. Their ripening has slowed way down with the cool temps that have been upon us the past week or so. Last night the temps got down to the forties. Today I have sweat pants on. Yesterday we had a District picnic and it was cold and nose was running and my fingers were like ice.  It was good to see a lot of people I have been missing.

  I will probably (maybe) make chow-chow with the green  'maters and stuff left in the garden. Or maybe I'll make some batches of vegetable soup to can...that's always a good thing to have on hand. I'm trying not to buy any more lids or jars...well...maybe just one more package of lids of each size..but no more !!  I do want to cook up and can some pinto beans and great northerns to have on hand, and a jar or 3 of black beans would be  good too. Sigh....this could go on and on, couldn't it?  lol

  Baked an old recipe cake last night for a birthday's an  Oatmeal Cake...the recipe given to me by an old neighbor almost 40 years ago. The recipe card is old and yellowed and the ink is faded so you can barely read it. lol   I was amazed at how many of the men loved that cake. 2 guys asked for the recipe!!  lol  It has a broiled pecan and coconut frosting on it.  yum!

OKay--have to run. Just got a call from the boss and she needs me to meet her in town before I head down to the noon meeting for another birthday celebration.

  I'll get back here soon....I hope.




Gabriella Moonlight said...

Oatmeal cake is amazing when done right and it sounds like you and the recipe were a match!

You've been very busy, hopefully as the fall season is upon us we can all slow down.

xoxo g

Prayer Girl said...

It was wonderful to hear from you. You haven't moved yet, right? :)


jozien said...

Hi! What a bounty!
How do you make your sour kraut?
I only have done it the old way years ago, in a barrel, let it sit. looking at your photo it seems there is an easier way.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Mmmmm I would love to try the recipe too! The old recipe cards hand written out, yellowed, worn edges sometimes having a spot or two of ingredient on them, those are the best. Time tested, well worn and loved.

If you're willing to share?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your posts. Somehow the description of the simplicity of love that you put into these things you do in gardening and cooking and canning, well it just sort of makes me feel warm and homey!

You rock!

Akannie said...

Thanks everyone...

Jozien...I make the kraut the old way a big crock. Layer salt and cabbage and nothing else. Let it ferment p around 75 degrees (F) for about 3.5 weeks. It's so good. Then I just can it in jars in a boiling water bath canner. It's super easy.

Jess...I agree. I have a box full of recipes that I've been carting around for as long as 40 years some of them. The old way, simple and good. I like it.

I will post the oatmeal cake recipe on my Dragon Womans Kitchen blog in the next few days. Haven't posted there in ages...well...almost anywhere in ages. lol Busy as a bee this year...

PG--No, we haven't moved. Not sure if or when it will happen...just that we're talking about it. I don't know...honestly, the scary part to me is that we would go through all this, get up there and his dad pass on. We'd be stuck, not really knowing anyone except his dad and stepmom up there...I think if we do decide to try it, we're not selling our house. That way we could come back here relatively easy.