Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sundays Musings


It's been a lovely Sunday, and I am nearing the end of it. Got up at a reasonable hour this morning and made Spanish Omelets for breakfast.  The the Irishman and I sat down and went through the garden seeds. We decided to trash the Heirloom seeds we got last year. The germination rates were terrible and the yields even worse.  We decided what we are going to plant this year, and where we are rotating things to. I got a new journal started for the garden, as the one I have been using since my gardens of 2002 is falling apart at the seams.  I just happened to have another one to use. We are indeed going to tear up another piece of the front yard.  Yippee!!  (Less I have to mow). 

Then late morning, we headed out to the backyard. I started clearing out the patch where we will plant edible pea pods and  bell peppers-red, yellow and green, of course!  It's time to get the peas in the ground, as they cannot tolerate the hot weather around these parts. They will be finished by mid-June. I spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning out dead stuff, turning over the earth and raking the clods out of it. Clod-buster, that's me. lol  The Irishman took on the more daunting task of doing the same to the potato beds. We aren't going to mess with the fingerling potatoes this year. We'll plant trusty Red Pontiacs instead. They store better and yield more per plot. We moved the cold frame to a new location at the end of the potato bed, and I'll use it to store garden stuff this summer. I think I will put my seedlings in it as well...they'll germinate better out there than they will anywhere else, I think.  I found 4 dozen peat pots that I bought at an end of the summer sale somewhere. I will start squash, tomatoes and bell peppers in them, and maybe okra.  The green beans will go directly into the dirt, as will peas and the edamame when it arrives.  We're planting cabbages, beets, green beans, peas, bell peppers,  carrots, tomatoes, okra, swiss chard, collards, corn, squash (winter and summer varieties), potatoes, onions,  sweet potatoes, garlic, spinach, lettuce, radishes and cucumbers.

The fruit trees are in bloom and beautiful. The apple and cherry both just burst out in flowers, the peaches have been for awhile. The lily of the valley are coming up and my giant hostas are poking their nubs up through the ground. Spring is definitely here...although in one of my journal entrees from 2005, I wrote that we had a hard freeze on April 30th...have to be so cautious about not jumping the gun on planting.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words after that last post.  I feel much better now, and immediately felt my spirits lift when I read the comments you left.  There are a lot of blessings in my life today too, and each one of you is counted in that.  I guess sometimes a person just has to experience the lows, and then walk on through them back to the mesa. I'm back.  lol

It was close to 80 degrees here today. Beautiful-- and I got a suntan on my arms and legs.  I made sure to wear a broad brimmed hat out there, and I was sweating to beat the band. It really felt good to be active and to feel the sun caressing my face. The birds were singing like crazy and all the critters were out back to help. It was a really nice way to spend a Sunday...just my partner and I doing the things we love, on our property that we love, with the person we love. We cooked some brats and grilled some thick cut potatoes and ate supper outside on the deck. I made some coleslaw to go with it and we feasted.

Time for bed.  Wishing you all the sleep of angels and dreams of the highest order.



Andrew said...

Wow! The garden is expanding and taking up more space and will give you more yield. You sure do have the gift of organizing and putting things together.

All the best Dear One.

TechnoBabe said...

I am in awe of your gardening, planning and working it to the plan. So glad you are doing better.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I so love hearing about your gardening and animals! It just gives me great joy to share in that experience with you vicariously!

DJan said...

You are such a good person, I can feel it between the lines. And I'm so glad you are feeling better. Sometimes we have to feel the low tide before we begin to fill up again with joy. But do take care of that knee.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This post is why you just amaze are a gardener indeed and I am always amazed at those with the green thumbs...
Much love to you!