Monday, April 12, 2010

A Marvelous Monday

This has been  an absolutely perfect day.

I got up this morning and straightened the house, know. Then I sat out on the back deck and listened to the birds.  I messed with the mower a bit, put some fuel additive in the tank and finally got 'er cranked up. I mowed the front and side yards, and that was about all I could manage. lol  The back isn't quite ready for mowing, but the front and side had big clumps of grass that I couldn't afford to let get much higher. This is a direct result of the way I have bought grass seed and sowed it every year since we moved here. Into the bare spots. When we bought this place 5 years ago, the place was a junkyard...they had cars parked everywhere, piles of half burned linoleum and carpet (partially buried), and it was all ruts and yuck. I have turned it into my own little paradise with a lot of hard work. And so far, it hasn't  Anyway, it looks much neater out front and I'm glad I did it.

Then I made myself a meatloaf sandwich and sliced a juicy red tomato and sat down outside and had lunch.

The I got busy planting the peas.It was easy--I had done all the hard parts of it yesterday and today I only had to rake it a little and plant the seed. 2-3 inches deep and 18 inches apart (the rows).  Good thing was 82 degrees today.  Sweat city. As soon as I finished that, I hit the shower. 

I love gardening. I love the miracles of putting a seed in the ground and knowing that a plant will appear. I read somewhere that this is Faith. Perhaps it is.  I feel such a kinship with the earth every year when I plant. Growing my own food always feels like such an accomplishment.

The Jack Russell Terrorist (Molly) has appointed herself Guardian of the Wee Ones.  The 2 momma cats are leaving the kittens for longer and longer periods of time, and as soon as the little beggars start squealing, herself runs in to make sure everyone is alright. They sound like little piggies. lol  Today when the bigger ones started cruising the floor looking for their momma, she came in and gently nudged them back into their little hidey hole. They don't seem to be the least bit afraid of the dog either, and move right up to her and nuzzle her leg or her snout if she's sitting down. It's quite adorable. (I guess they haven't heard the stories about Miss Molly the Poodle mauler...)

  I am good and physically tired....the kind of tired you get from manual labor.  Thinking I'll reward myself with a short meditation time and then my big comfy bed, next to my big snuggly husband.

  Life is good.



Mary LA said...

That transformation enchants me -- your vision. I still have old rusting trucks buried in my back yard and the olive trees won't grow there!

Andrew said...

I am having days like that more and more since I have been getting some relief from that constant fatigue and resulting depression that was my experience for the last 18 months or more.

I am glad to hear that all is well with you and yours.

Love always.

Dianne said...

a very good day, one of many to come.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

That certainly sounds like an awesome day and a wonderful reward for performing his work well! :)

Yummy peas and tomatoes!

DJan said...

I had to laugh when I read "the back isn't quite ready for mowing" thinking you were talking about YOUR back, but unless you have grass growing out of your sides, you were talking about your back YARD. I love the feeling of being physically tired like that. Glad you're feeling so much better.

TechnoBabe said...

You have certainly done a lot of work at your home, and it truly is a home. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to feel tired enough to go to sleep and get good rest?

Zanejabbers said...

Hi Akannie. I must say I was thinking the same thing as DJAN when I was reading your post. Then I got a goood chuckle out of the grass growing on the sides. I planted 9 4 in Coleous last Friday.
That's the most gardening I have done in 10 years. Just wore me out girl.

Kathy M. said...

Sounds like a lovely day. I, too, spent the morning in the yard. The blessing of winter rains have brought a bumper crop of weeds. But everything is in bloom and so beautiful. Maybe more so because I know the utter beauty of the world this time of year is so fleeting. I picked a big bowl of roses. I told myself I was just dead-heading in advance. lol

Gabriella Moonlight said...

We had a huge amount of crap in our back yard when we moved to our duplex, there was a toilet, a tub, a whole ton of carpet, a whole ton of just weird stuff. it's a yard, and we continue to pull the weeds, so it looks more and more yard like.

I love reading your life.

Much love

Prayer Girl said...

I am happy you had such a marvelous Monday. Hope this Tuesday is as glorious.


Sherry said...

So happy you had a beautiful day!!