Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday the 8th of December

Kitten peeking through the big Christmas wreath...

It has been a rough couple of days...this past week I started having a lot of pain in my knee again and by Sunday I was starting with the hip pain from walking all gimpy. Yesterday and today I have been hurting so much I can barely walk. It's not so bad if I'm sitting or lying with my leg up, but when I'm on my feet for more than about 10 minutes, the pain gets unbearable. It feels like the stuff I used to have to get trigger point injections for...but maybe it's a pinched nerve. At any rate--I DON'T LIKE IT!!! lol Honestly, I brought stuff in from the storage to put up for Christmas and by 1 PM I was nearly crying. I would get up and put stuff up for about 10 minutes and go lay on the heating pad with my leg up for the next hour. Needless to say, I didn't get a whole lot done.
But, I did get some of it up, so that's something. I thought I was going to have to have Patrick take me to the ER when he got home. I have a chiropractor appointment for Thursday morning, if I can hold out that long. I'm going to try to hold out on the knee repair until after the first of the year when the holidays are over. We'll see... Rainy and cold here today, and it was only after sunset that the temperature rose to over 40 degrees! Weird. Supposed to be getting a wintry mix tomorrow though, with temps in the high teens. I really wish I lived somewhere warm and balmy... We have a Christmas party to attend on Saturday. A speaker/anniversary (group celebrating 47 years!!) on Thursday. I hope that my wonderful Doc Stu can fix this hip. We are going to have a little get together on Christmas night...a few friends and some soups and goodies. It will be fun. Then we are invited to an after Christmas bash on the 27th. In between will be all peppered with family stuff. I love this time of year... I'm really tired and will be in bed soon, even though I took a couple of naps today on the heating pad. I feel worn out from it all... Have started reading Lacuna...it's an interesting departure (I think) from her usual style, but I am loving it. I also got the email today from NaNoWriMo with the code to get a proof copy of my novel published. I cannot imagine how it will feel to hold an actual copy of it in my hands....even if I'm the only one who will ever see it, lol. My pups have just come back in from their evening constitutional, so I am free to go to bed now. My life is blessed by my love for these critters and their love for me. By the men and women in the world who, on a daily basis, teach me how NOT to act. By the grace and beauty of the world in which I live. Life's a dance....


thailandchani said...

Ugh! Sorry about the knee!

I remember all those AA gatherings around the holidays. What fun! :)


Gabriella Moonlight said...

Oh I am so sorry about the hip pain, my sciatic nerve was pinched earlier this year, and I still can barely feel my toes and foot...it's there but it has taken a long time so I understand how that pain wears you out!

The gatherings sound wonderful, we don't have too many of them, and the ones we do I don't get invited too, so I just sort of lone wolf it in the meetings over the holidays...which is fine ... I do enjoy them otherwise..

Hugs to you!!!!
xo G

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I'm sorry to hear about the knee. Hope the pain dissipates quickly and that your chiropractic appt helps!

Wonderful AA gathering to look forward to

Prayer Girl said...

The hospital here in Naples is known for their knee and hip replacements. I visit people every week, lots of them, who have had these procedures done. I understand the technology is much better than when they first started doing it.

I pray you will be able to hold out till after the first of the year.

God bless,

enchantedoak said...

Hope you're feeling better today, and if not, stay close to that heating pad.