Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September's last Wednesday

(As you can see, the 45 degree nights have caused me to get the big quilt out!!) Brrrrr...

Had a lovely stay at home day of rest and relaxation. I did very little--read, computed, cooked. Baked some bread. Baked my sweetie an apple pie (his fave). Made chicken breasts in a creamy dijon and chicken broth glaze for supper, served over jasmine rice with early peas. Went out to an 8 o'clock meeting to meet up with 3 of my sponslings and had a great meeting as well as good fellowship. Stopped at the grocery to buy great northern beans to use in tomorrows white chili and headed on home. So, it was almost 10:30 by the time I got here. It's 12:30 now and I need to get in bed.

One of my sponslings lost her job yesterday. One has a child in trouble. One has a grown child in big trouble. I got a call from one of us who has lost her way, not drinking but isolated and getting angrier by the minute. I am hooking up with her tomorrow night at our meeting and she is coming out here to the house on Saturday. I suspect she is at that jumping off place the BB talks about...I am grateful that I be sober enough to help them by listening to their fears and [sometime] hysterics. To be able to offer some advice because I have been in every one of those places. To realize that I do not regret my past nor wish to shut the door on it...and this is exactly why. To be able to remind them what that book also says...that we CAN stay sober, no matter what happens. Job or no job, wife or no wife. That if we maintain our spiritual equilibrium, the God of our understanding will walk us through anything that comes down the pike.

I got a GREAT email today that said :

I have heard it said: "The death of sobriety is rarely an assassination. It is usually a death by slow starvation. We need to keep feeding our sobriety." Gratitude and formal Meditation is one sure, time honored, practical way to do this.

I thought it spoke volumes.

Gratitude is a gift I choose every day. Life is good...when you know the Steps!



Anonymous said...


I'm glad I found you too. Looks like we share some serious cooking in common...among other things :-)

Thanks for sharing the snippet of the e-mail, words well put and worth remembering.

Hugs and prayers,

Chef Kar

Prayer Girl said...

A beautiful post full of peace, hope, and love. There are so many who suffer out there. Thank God there are sober people like you, me, and others ready to put out helping hands.

Love the quilt.


Hope said...

This was a delight to read. It is cold here in the mornings, too. -6C this morning. Not too sure what that is in farenheit. Cold. :)

Andrew said...

Yes, it speaks volumes. Words to keep close.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by and for your kind birthday wishes. Have a GREAT weekend. Your sponslings are lucky to have you in their life.