Friday, August 29, 2008

A life of grace

Not sure why I'm starting another blog. I just felt the need to make a little place where I can explore the blessings of a life lived in sobriety and kindness (mostly). I will start by telling you, gentle readers, that I am sober lo these 18 years through very little of my own volition. lol I always get a little crinky (just this side of cranky) when I hear people talk about their faith and their beliefs and their Jesus stuff...not sure why I really care. It's not that I don't believe in a power greater than myself (I do) and it's not really that I begrudge them their religions. It's just...I guess it's just that I don't share the party line dogma and have been rebuked for that more than once. Or maybe it's just that I am jealous. I don't know, honestly.

I'm gonna try to start off slow here and see what happens. I am blogging on another site, at wordpress, and it's the first time I've taken on such an endeavor. I am a very undisciplined person, so maybe that's what I think I'll procure from all this jibber-jabbering. I've been posting there for about 37 days or something. With the exception of not taking a drink for over 6000 days, I haven't done much else this consistently.

Okay then. Now to look and see what my dumb, un-savvy, computer ass has done to the theme of this blog!

Up and away !!!!!!!!!!!

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