Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving Day 2019

   This is what the high holy day of gluttony looks like when your oven doesn't work.  LOL  Right now there is a pan of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in there for breakfast. That little Airfryer Oven has sure gotten a workout this past 6 months. I'm getting ready to make the pumpkin pie in it and then I'll put the crescent rolls in.  The Proctor Silex roaster oven held the 2 --12 pound turkeys just right...they've been cooking on low overnight and just turned it up to crisp the skin a little. House smells like roasted meat...and cinnamon. Keeping it pretty simple this year, turkey, stuffing, baked sweet potato and bacon wrapped asparagus.  Crescent rolls and pumpkin pie.  lol Some years I have lost my mind and made a 15 course meal.

  It's just me this year. And maybe my son.  But he's sick as a dog and I may just take a plate to him.  The Irishman is up in northern Wisconsin with his family. I don't know what any of the rest of my family is doing, but heard nothing about a get together, if anyone's even having one besides their immediate families. So, it's a quiet cold Thanksgiving day.  3 days ago it was 65. Today it's 35. I'm going to go out and refill the bird feeders in a bit. They appear to be stocking up, lol, and the wildbird seed feeder is empty and the suet block is almost gone. I filled them about 3 days ago. Maybe it will tun winter now...been crazy.

  Been thinking alot about the practice of giving thanks. My grandmother taught me to bend over the plants in the garden and thank them for feeding me and my family when I harvested them.  I was taught to say  thank you when anyone gave me gifts.  Gratitude and appreciation go a long way in changing my mindset, when I am feeling stressed about money or sorry for myself because I don't have everything I want.  But you know, I always have everything I need. My house isn't a palace, but it's [mostly] clean and it's cozy and it's warm and the roof doesn't leak. I have a car that runs well. Because I have a house and a car,  I have insurance that [for now] I am able to pay. I have family and a husband who loves me and a son with whom  I have a relationship I don't deserve.  I have friends.  I have  serenity. And I have a good stable life.  These things are the most important. The older I get the more I understand that the basic component of a well lived life is love. I could be anywhere, doing anything, and as long as I have love--in my heart and in my life-- all will be well.  The venerable Meister Eckhart  said : 

So I say thank you to God every day, for all things and in all circumstances. And I hope that is enough.

Happy Thanksgiving !

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