Monday, October 20, 2014

The girl been MIA...and there's no rainbows and unicorns today.

This is my road. In early autumn.

 I can tell you that it goes nowhere, but that wouldn't be quite true. It actually goes everywhere...unless you just want to stay on Honeysuckle Hill without ever leaving.  It's a gravel road, two lanes (I guess--there's no lines on it delineate lanes, but still...) and it's exactly wide enough for 2 cars or a car and a truck to pass. As long as you pay attention. 

 This time of year, around these parts, you are competing with lots of farm equipment...tractors, combines, threshers, hay wagons, and semi trucks full to the brim with all manner of corn and soybeans that have been harvested.  If you drive a little car like mine, there is really no competition.  Heavy equipment wins every time.  It's a fact of life that if you must drive the back roads, you'd better leave early and learn some patience. 

 I have been busy with any number of things around here lately. Bits and bobs of canning and dehydrating.  Cooking, as usual. Baby showers and birthday parties. Life on life's terms, as we say in my 12 step program.  IN other words, it's a comin' so you might as well hold on tight and enjoy the ride. I got all the green tomato salsa canned. Almost 2 dozen jars.  If there's ever a green tomato salsa shortage in the world, you know where to come. 

 The world is coming unhinged out there and I am more and more glad to stay home.  Ebola has arrived on our shores.  I just saw tonight that there has been another new case  found, this one in Lebanon, MO. Which is a little close to me for my taste.  The police are still shooting unarmed black teens. The riots across the river are still ongoing . They've cooled down a bit, but not stopped. And I can only imagine what;s going to happen when the verdict is in on the police officer who shot Micheal Brown.  Elections are looming and everyone is about out of their minds over everything. I have never been more grateful to not have tv. I get enough news off the internet.  The food supply is being slowly poisoned and manipulated  by greedy corporate whores...what in the world is going on out there ?  Butter is up over 5 dollars a pound.  Meat around here is almost unaffordable.  My chickens aren't laying and so are going to be butchered in the next week or so.  My cat Lazarus is dying again. maybe for good this time. I am sad and being extra loving and showering him with TLC...this is his 3rd attempt and I wish we could just get it over with. He's staggering around like a zombie cat, can't keep his balance and sleeps for hours and hours on end.  He won't eat.  It's exhausting to watch. I really want to let him die naturally and at home.  I'm doing my best.

  It's  crazy I tell you.  

  It's also 1:30 and I need to go to bed. I have a chiro appointment at 10:30, which means I have to be ready to leave here by 9:45 ...because I have to travel up that road and behind all those tractors and try to get the 30 minute trip made in less than 45 minutes.

 I wanted to stop in and say I haven't run off,  I haven't stopped blogging,  and I haven't died.  Yet.

I'll try to come back in the next couple of days and maybe let you in on some good news.




Cloudia said...

Namaste & ALOHA from Honolulu

Dad and Mom said...

Time to focus on yourself and let the world pass just as you would one of those trucks on your two lane road. Be strong.

DJan said...

I'm glad to hear from you. When any of my blogging friends don't show up for awhile, I begin to worry. And yes, life is really strange these days. I've got to stop watching the news! :-)

Mama Pea said...

I think anyone with an ounce of sense to spare feels much the same as you do, Annie. I couldn't sleep last night thinking of terrible sadness close to us. But we do try to stay positive and function in the outside world by spreading light instead of contributing to the gloom and doom. I know you do that and hope I do, too. Hugs.

DDD said...

Glad to hear from you!!!