Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Grateful for Sundays...

  LOL   Grateful for opportunities to laugh and make fun of myself.  LBVS   (That's Facebook lingo for Laughing, But Very Serious).  Ha.


  What happened ??  I must have been sucked into some Twilight Zone type vortex, because it was Sunday and I started this and now suddenly it's Wednesday !

  Truthfully...I have not been that busy.


 This morning, however, I got out of bed, had some coffee and went to work.   I started a big pot of chicken and rice soup to take to a friend who has been sick for a few days now. Some kind of virus.  Not

...but some kind of bad bug.   

 After I got the soup going (yes, almost all my stuff from my pantry--yea!!)...I headed for the back yard with a 5 gallon bucket, a half bushel wicker type basket, a cardboard apple box (half peck), some garden shears and a small sharp knife.   Almost sounds like a safari expedition,. doesn't it ? lol
 I attacked the tomato plants (which, btw, still look like early July plants--I swear, not even drooping or turning yellow or brown still).  I got this  

I'm going to use them to make salsa verde.  There were a few ripe ones out there, but it's OCTOBER people !!  The days are not getting hot enough to ripen tomatoes and even though we are nowhere near a frost yet (I don't think)I decided to pick all the green tomatoes. I'm gonna wash and cut out spots and then throw these bad boys in the vitamix. along with some garlic, chiles, onions and cilantro. A bit of spices (cumin, black pepper, salt).  Add some vinegar, taste it and then bring it to a boil and can it.  Yum.

  After the tomatoes were done (And I had rested a bit),  I went after the peppers.

 This basket is bells, Anaheims, jalapenos and cayennes. The bell peppers are beautiful There are still some little ones out there. We'll see what they do. In the meantime I'll use some of these for stuffed peppers for supper tomorrow and probably freeze the rest. I've already dehydrated quite a few...

  After another bit of a resting my back  (and checking on the soup), I got the shears out and started cutting basil, parsley and tarragon to bring in and dehydrate.  Not a bad haul.

 I usually dry these things in the back closet, but thought I'd use the dehydrator this time...not sure if I'm liking the results...  I still have chives out there to cut and dry too.  I took my little sharp knife and harvested 8 more butternut squash. Small ones, but a good size for the 2 of us. The ones that have been curing in the garage are ready to come in and take their place under the guest bed -they sleep like babies on their own little cardboard sheets.  lol  I think I'll dry the chives the way I always do...they retain the color better.  I just chop them and spread them out on large baking pans around my kitchen for a few days. Easy Peasy.  

Well...I'm a little achy (back and knee mostly) and a little tired (not been sleeping too well the past few days)  and thinking  I might hit the hay a little earlier tonight than I've been doing. My hours have been getting erratic again and that does me no good at all.  I try to set a bedtime and stick to it...and then I start to drift. And before you know it, I'm staying up until after 2 AM again.  And getting up at 8:30, looking and feeling like something the cat dragged in.

  On a bright note, my blood pressure seems to have leveled out, and the growth removed from my face was benign.  

  We take what we can get, right ??  lol

  And tomorrow, I'll be getting this green tomato salsa canned.  What are you up to ???


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Anonymous said...

Wow! Well compared to you, I've been a sloth.
I've never heard of salsa verde but it sounds delicious!