Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday again...where's the time going ?

Oh yeah, that's right.  It's harvest

  The weather has taken a turn to normal again. The temps have been in the low to mid nineties with heat indexes anywhere from 101 to 110.  You can barely breathe out there.  Naturally the AC went out again. This time I called a different repairman...turned out it was the capacitor. He said  they just make lousy parts these days and there's no way to predict. So...I had just had my regular guys out twice (for nearly the same issue) in 3 weeks...and was a little pissy about it breaking down again.  lol  This particular problem had nothing to do with anything.  But at least now I have a back-up HVAC guy. (looking on the bright side). They have recently extended the heat advisory through Tuesday.

 All the heat and sunshine have set the tomatoes into a growing and ripening frenzy.  So I guess marinara and tomato soup may be on the upcoming canning horizon.  I've been drying tomatoes and bell peppers like crazy...something like 10 quart bags of dried tomatoes alone. I dried some apple slices too, apples from a local orchard that we weren't eating fast enough, so--into the dehydrator they go. 2 quarts of those.  I think my edamame are ready to be harvested...I'll check those tomorrow, as well as the potatoes and sweet potatoes. Might be able to harvest some red potatoes, but the Kennebecs will stay in the ground. The carrots are looking pretty good, as are the squash. Only butternuts planted this year. I didn't have the energy or space to mess with zucchini...they are too easy to find and receive from other people.  

  All this heat is making me wish for some rain... (wasn't it just a week or 2 ago I was complaining about too much rain?)   LOL   So fickle this time of year.  I'm still hoping for some more okra, and the farmer at our local CSA said I could come there and get some. Nobody wants it, as they don't know what top do with it. And so, of course, they have a bumper crop this year.  Isn't that how it goes ?  lol  Looking through my pantry, the only other thing I need is beets, and it's still a bit early for those.  I might make and can some vegetable soups, just a dozen jars or so, along with the tomato soup.  Just for convenience sake.

  This afternoon the Irishman and I attended a workshop out at our beloved La Vista on an Herbal Medicine Cabinet. We had an herb gathering walk and then retired (as quickly as we could, since today's heat index was 110) to the air conditioned rec room where we were taught about herbal infusions, tinctures, herbal tea blends and first aid salves.  It was awesome--informative and fun, and the farmers from the CSA led the class.  I learned so much !  It was really great, identifying some wild herbs that I didn't know and learning about the medicinal properties. It was a really nice group of people attending and the discussions were lively and the whole thing just wonderful.  So glad I went..even though my inclination was to stay home in my cool house.  lol

  We're ready to rename our old grey cat Lazarus, as he has seemingly returned from the dead.  He has appeared to be dying all week. Comatose. We have been loving him  through the final days. Today he sat up started yowling at us and has been trying to walk. 2 days ago this cat had seemingly lost all his muscle tone and could barely lift his head. I have been giving him  dropperfuls of pedialyte and water, and tonight he walked to the dog water bowl and drank !!!!!  He tried to eat a little wet cat food.  I gave him some chicken broth with the syringe and he not only swallowed for the first time in days, but practically gulped it down. He looks terrible, has lost so much weight...but he has rallied.  Guess he's not ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge just yet after all.

  My doc officially diagnosed me with Coronary Artery Disease.  She changed the beta blocker I was on because it was messing with me bad.  She gave me a different one which seems to be working well. She also gave me a big dog anti-inflammatory for my knee, and prescribed 4 Extra Strength Tylenol a day and a scrip for a non narcotic pain med to take as needed. She told me absolutely NO ibuprofen or naproxen.  The anti inflammatories are working so well I can't believe it. I went from crying every time I took a step or turned over in bed (from the excruciating pain) walking on an herb walk today.  Hallelujah. 

 There you go...that's what's going on over here at Honeysuckle Hill.  We got another new baby in the family last Monday too.  Ryker James. A feisty big boy who is already winning the hearts of everyone he meets.  That big old wheel of life just keeps on turning.  Feeling pretty blessed to be here to see it.



Cloudia said...

Good to see you

ALOHA from Honolulu
=^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

Akannie said...

Hello, dear Cloudia...good to see you too. How are you ??

Anonymous said...

taking a break and thought I would check up on you! You take care of yourself. My best to you and the family.

Akannie said...

Thanks Sir Rat !! How's life in the desert ?? Hope you and the missus are taking care too...

I'm feeling much better. One little weak of the med and a painkiller and I'm roarin' to go !!

Susan said...

You two are going to eat like royalty this winter! My gosh, woman - what a lot of work! So glad you got your AC fixed because it's hot enough standing over a stove, canning, without having no place to go to cool off. Glad you're feeling better, too.

Akannie said...

Susan --you got that right...on all points ! lol

Lots of work, but so worth every minute of it. For sure.

I'm feeling better every day, thank you baby Jesus !!!

Rita said...

Oh, I'm so glad to hear your knee is better!! Can I ask, what kind of anti-inflammatory drug did they give you? I may need to know that one day here.

So glad Lazarus is still around. For a while longer, anyways.

All this crazy harvest work will be so worth it this winter. Like gold in your pantry! ;)

Shelley Coday said...

Your fresh produce looks wonderful! So wonderful it's actually making me a bit hungry! As for your AC, the capacitor breaking down is actually one of the most common AC problems. The thing about a capacitor problem in an AC is that, once it breaks down, the motor associated with the capacitor stops functioning as well. I hope you guys and the repairman were able to find a solution to this one. Good luck!

Shelley Coday @ C&C Heating and Air Conditioning

Dennis Cannon said...

Your AC definitely broke at the wrong time. In that weather, having a well-functioning AC unit is a huge relief. Fortunately, despite some issues that you encountered with your previous repair guys, you found another repairman who can repair your HVAC properly. Hopefully it holds up longer this time. Good luck, and take care!

Dennis Cannon @ Laird & Son

Lane Pemberton said...

It’s a good thing you had a backup HVAC guy you could call, especially if your regular one can’t seem to find a more permanent fix for the problem. That said, I hope that the capacitor fix did the trick. Thanks for sharing this with us. All the best!

Lane Pemberton @ Metcalfe Heating & Air Conditioning