Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hump Day

LOL...Not exactly my life these days, but it struck me as cute.

 The temps have been skyrocketing around here. Today's high was 92 and the humidity (70 %) made it almost unbearable. The AC has been running nonstop since about 9 AM and the temps in here are barely hanging at 79.  Now it's nighttime and I keep thinking it might catch up any time. We'll see. The dogs don't want to be outside and most of the cats either.  lol

  I mowed the basic parts of the yard this morning on the riding mower, but by the time I finished that, it was too hot to use the push mower or weed eater, so it is what it is. It still looks better...we've had so much rain the  weeds were 8 inches high again!!  If it isn't raining by morning, I may do more.  And I may not. lol  We went into town at 1:30 for my physical therapy appointment,  and then made a roundabout and hit Aldi's, the Farm Home Store and the pharmacy to pick up the Irishman's prescription.  By the time we got home, I was a hot mess. And we were both exhausted. That heat just zaps you.  Himself settled in the super cool bedroom for a short nap after a pain pill and I sat in here on the computer for a bit and then got busy putting stuff away. I scrubbed a bunch of potatoes and cut them into chunks and got them started parboiling.  Supper tonight was potatoes cooked with onions and spices, eggs and bagels. And peach jam. Yum !!  Easy peasy. I cooked too many potatoes, lol, so I saved back enough of them to make a nice potato salad tomorrow to go with the chicken I am going to roast tonight. I thought I would let the house cool down some, and now it has, so I really should get that bird in the oven.  I also pulled several packages of bread odds and ends (mostly heels) that I had stuck away in the freezer and will dry them out and make seasoned breadcrumbs with them. Thought about croutons, but...

  Since it's going to be hot tomorrow too (plus rain) I thought I would roast a whole chicken and then I won't really have to cook.  A nice cold supper with slices of chicken, potato salad, pickled beets and okra, or maybe pickled green beans.  That will hit the spot. And be easy. And not require adding any extra heat to our day. lol

  I am trying to seriously eat everything out of our pantries and freezer so that we don't have to spend hardly any money for food.  Today I picked up some staples...flour, sugar, yogurt, beans.  And 2 beautiful roasting hens that they had on sale.  One in the fridge to cook tonight and one in the freezer for another day.  We have some greens (lettuce, kale, chives, onions) in the garden that we are eating now, still quite a bit of chard and turnip greens in the freezer, as well as lots of fruit and fish, a little more chicken and a boneless skinless turkey breast. The dry pantry has an assortment of dried beans, rice, quinoa, couscous, pastas, canned green beans, pickled items, pears, peaches, jams and jellies. Also canned tuna.  I've started a list of meals I can make from pantry ingredients. Makes it easier on those days where my brain doesn't want to work.  Cooking from scratch like I do takes planning and forethought. It's much easier to go get a hamburger, but when you're trying to eat healthier and eat your own have to think about it. So...there you go.

 Last Sunday we attended my great nephew's first birthday party.  Oy vey...I am just getting old I guess. Lots of little kids, aged 1 year to 10 years. Making all that little kid noise, expending copious amounts of all that little kid energy. It wore me out. And we were only there 2 was a full weekend of stuff and I think we were both worn out by it all.  lol

 Well's almost 11 PM and I am whooped.  I'm going to sleep like a baby...oh wait. There's a chicken crying out to be cooked.  Maybe it will wait until morning... sheesh... I think I'm just too darn tired to stay up as long as it will take to cook that thing and then let it cool enough to refrigerate.
 I have nothing on my docket at all for tomorrow, but Friday is full.  Thursday is looking like my take it slow and easy day for this week.

 Thanks you for all your prayers and well wishes since our accident.  It means the world to me...and so do YOU ! 



Susan said...

Your down days are busier than most people's busy days! So glad to hear that you are doing well - I think I will follow your lead and make a menu from my pantry and food stores. I have way too much in there and money is rather tight this year. Good idea! Hope your days get better and easier.

Akannie said...

Thanks Susan...I felt a little idiotic standing there, looking at all that food, and saying...I don't know what to make. LOL

I've been working in my garden a little today, the boyo hauled us in a truckload of leaf compost and helped me spread and hill the potatoes. It's hot as Hades out there and not a drop of rain in sight...(lying weather man.) lol

Mama Pea said...

Your weather is just too darn HOT and that's all I can say about it!

You are so, so right . . . cooking from scratch takes a LOT of thought and planning. That's the hardest part of preparing a meal! Once I go through that process, the rest is easy peasy.

I love your expression "when my brain doesn't want to work." Danged if that isn't just how I feel sometimes!

Sending more prayers for the healing of you and your hubby. At least you're both able to get out and about a little now. Even though it is exhausting! Ha! Some days are like that even when you're in tip-top condition! Hugs.

Akannie said...

Thanks Mama Pea--you are so right about this weather. lol (Wasn't I just complaining about how winter didn't want to go away ???)

We are doing pretty well and things are moving right along. Not too many complaints--except the heat. lol He's hanging in there, but getting a little stir crazy.

Rita said...

Only 85 degrees here and I melt when I go outside. My little wall AC and being on third floor can only keep it in the low 70s, but that's better than no AC at all--LOL! Take it easy in the heat. Glad you're doing better. :)

Rita said...
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Anonymous said...

I can't stand humidity! It makes me crazy and I can't breathe. The air here is dry and I like it.
Little kid parties? OMG aren't they exhausting?!

Akannie said...

Rita--I know, mine struggles to keep up too. I only set mine at about 76 usually...

Akannie said...

HIH--It is the humidity that kills you. And little kid parties. They will kill you too. Bahahahahaha