Friday, December 13, 2013

Damn you, Norovirus Fairy !

 That's about what it feels like around here.  My poor husband is sick as a dog. Starts feeling better, then WHAM ! down for the count again. He has been home almost every day this week. He tried to go back to work on Thursday, but wound up coming home at noon.  I told him that starting tomorrow, all he gets to eat is oatmeal, since it seems to be the only thing he can tolerate. Vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, achiness and slight fever. Headaches. Probably from low blood sugar. Trying to keep him hydrated, giving him sips of water, diluted gatorade and weak peppermint tea. And he sighs a lot. Loud. Drawn out. lol...and I am just so ready for it to be over. 

 And it has been freezing rain for the past 5 hours or so, and everything is slick as glass. Not it's starting to snow. No matter...we'll not be going anywhere soon. They're forecasting 3-5 inches, but we'll see. We've got everything we need laid in and all the outside stuff done and ready. The kerosene heater is all ready to go if the power goes out, so we'll have a good heat source. Just wish he wasn't so sick.  And so praying I don't catch it. Those noroviruses that cause stomach "flu" are highly contagious. I spent a good part of today cleaning both bathrooms with a bleach solution...toilets, floors, soap dispensers, sinks, faucets, handles. So far I am okay...I made a tea of several "weeds" that are known to have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Chickweed, dandelion leaves and violet leaves.  The dandelion leaves are also anti-nausea. I've been sipping it today off and on...he tried but didn't get much of it down.  It really just tastes like the water from cooking fresh spinach.

 Did a little tiny bit of Christmas shopping on Thursday. Like I said, we don't do much.  The boy has been working on my new (to me) gas stove and it is just about ready to be put in. That means (fingers crossed) that I might have a full sized oven again.  Which means I might get busy and do some baking.  lalalalalala

  I'm not sure why I'm posting tonight...don't really have much to say.  All the critters are in out of the cold, even though one cat is insistent about going out. Last time I let her in, she ran through the house with a mouse in her mouth.   Sigh... never a dull moment on Honeysuckle Hill. She ran into my bedroom with it when Pat came out after his shower to say goodnight. Ran immediately under the bed, of course. He somehow got it from her and got rid of it. And now she's in there hollering to go back out...undoubtedly to replenish her stash of dead mice.  lol

  I think I am going to spend tomorrow doing some artsy stuff...maybe making some Christmas Cards...I spent enough of today cleaning...vacuuming floors and furniture, which I couldn't do all week  because he's been so sick and in bed.  I got the laundry all caught up and did some other things that I needed the computer for in case we lose power behind all the ice.  Got the chicken coop cleaned and refilled with new fresh straw.  Got those bathrooms cleaned. Got my kitchen straightened up too.  SO...tomorrow is going to be a lay around and take it easy day. A play day.  Yippee...

  Okay. Enough for now. Maybe I will make it to bed early tonight and stay rested.  Methinks that would be a good thing.



Beth said...

I hope the Irishman gets better quickly and you stay well Annie!!

Mama Pea said...

Ooof, your poor hubby really got socked. Do all you can (sounds as if you're on top of that) to keep from getting those ugly-bugly germs. The one thing worse than having your man down with it would be for BOTH of you to be down with it. (They say that's why women get down-and-out sick less than men. Who the (BLANK) would take care of us (AND everyone else) if we were unable to do it!) Stay strong and take care.