Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday. Really ? Already ?

 One of the many stands of daylilies in my yard. I love these things.
The Stella de Oro's are starting to bloom too. I need to separate these this year I think...

And this is at the corner of my front porch. A double lily, or  frilly lily.  I think it's gorgeous.

 The clematis is blooming. A very pretty and hardy plant and flower.

 I had to stop at the top of the hill on my road and take this picture.  This time of year it's so lovely...the trees form a canopy over the road to Honeysuckle Hill, and it's so peaceful and quiet.


  It's been a strange week. I mowed the yard first of the week, which was an ordeal. So hot and such high humidity. Yuck. I was beet red and soaking wet.  And I stopped and went inside a LOT.  and stayed hydrated.  Otherwise I'm sure I would have been found dead among the blueberries. lol  Tuesday I went down and spent a good portion of the day with my newest great nephew. Adorable.  So tiny these new babies are !  Then my niece had a medical emergency (her incision from the C-Section split open.)  They took the staples out before the baby was even a week old! I thought it was too soon, but nobody listens to Dr. Annie-knows-everything ! lol  So she went to the ER and they glued her this time and put a dressing on it and told her to take it easy. (And that her staples were probably not ready to have come out.)  HAH! lol

  Wednesday I spent the day puttering and doing odd jobs around here. And went shopping early in the morning for boneless/skinless chicken breasts at 1.79/lb.  Got about 26 pounds, and brought them home and divvied them up into serving sizes and got them in the freezer. One of the stores locally also had pork steaks for 1.39/lb and I intended to get them yesterday afternoon as well. But somewhere in there I decided that since it was good and hot , it would be a good day for the quarterly mega-scrub and cleaning of the chicken coop. What an ordeal. After shooing the chickens all out into the yard, I close the front door so they couldn't come back in and raked all the straw and poo out. Into the compost pile that went. Then I got my long handled scrub brush and using the garden hose and about a gallon of white vinegar, proceeded to clean and deodorize the walls and floors of the coop. It took me almost 3 hours to complete this vile task. And all the while, the chooks are pissed, wanting back in.  LOL  I scrubbed and sanitized the food and the water dishes. I knocked down cobwebs and spiderwebs from the ceiling. I put in clean pine shavings and straw, new water and food and let them back in. Of course, they proceeded to wreak havoc on the straw, as always. But they were happy, in there rooting around, looking for bugs in the straw. By the time I was finished, it was time to fix supper. I was whipped from the heat...I came in, cleaned up, and thanked God for 76 degrees air conditioning.

 I fried up some chicken thighs...also on sale (1.13/lb), so I bought 3 big packages. I rarely fry anything, but sometimes you just can't beat good old fried chicken.  I peeled and boiled some potatoes and steamed some broccoli. And then I was DONE.  We ate and I kept thinking I was going to fall asleep in my plate.

  Today I sat with my neighbor from 10:30-2:30.  Before leaving, I finally got my sh*^t  together and made laundry soap (I've been stalling , for some reason, and the laundry was piling up). I made dry soap this time, instead of the liquid. It was a lot easier and seems to get the clothes plenty clean. According to the recipe I got online, I made a years worth of laundry soap. lol  I don't know how they can claim that, since no two households do the same number of loads of laundry, and people like me always use more than they tell you to.  LOL made a pretty good sized batch.  So I got one load washed before I had to leave the house, and the vinegar into the rinse cycle. When I got home later in the afternoon, it was still hot and sunny, so I took that load out to hang on the line while the other load was starting.  I no more than got the last piece of clothing on the line than it started clouding up. I thought, well--I'll leave these out here, but I'll go ahead and dry the rest of them in the dryer, since it's suppose to rain again tomorrow. It never did rain today, but was so muggy and sticky that the clothes still felt damp when I went out 4 hours later to take them down. SO--I'm throwing them in the dryer in the morning too.  sigh...

  Another long day and I am pooped. I meant to be in bed about half an hour ago, and then got the bright idea to come here...and here I still sit.  



Anonymous said...

Annie I read but battle to post -- your daylily is a highlight for me in an African winter --

DJan said...

You just remind me every day how glad I don't live on a farm, with chickens to clean up after. Good for you that you got that job done, only to take on another, then another... no wonder you're tired! :-)

Mariodacatsmom said...

You are such a hard worker, you put me to shame. Very pretty flowers.

Mama Pea said...

You've got more energy than any six gals I know! But isn't it all in your attitude? These people who say they don't have time to make homemade meals, or grow a garden, or keep a nice house . . . they just flummox me. We all have time to do what we want to do and what is important to us. (Although some of us work a little harder than others. Hee-hee.)