Friday, November 23, 2012

Bleeech! Friday.

 I have had a holiday of food freedom.  The turkey, while not mine, was a locally raised one. The sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, greens, onions, green beans, pickled accoutrements,  and herbed water were all mine. What a feeling !!

  I did go to my brothers (an hour away) for the holiday meal with family.  The day before though, I went looking for a turkey, because I had an overwhelming NEED to cook a turkey.  There are some things I simply cannot do, and NOT cook a turkey is one of them. So, since my son was going to his grandparents for his noon meal, I made us an early dinner too.  We ate late Wednesday, because he was working. I made  a pumpkin dessert  and 2 loaves of pumpkin/walnut/date bread.  Needless to say, my fridge is overflowing with leftovers. lol  That makes me very happy, on some primal level.  When I got to my brothers, my dear SIL had already packaged up her turkey carcass for me, because she knows me.  I obligingly brought it home with me.

  I have had turkey broth simmering since last night. This afternoon I got it all strained and sifted and sorted (does anyone else do this or am I just crazy ??)  The biggest bones got put in a plastic ziplock to go into the freezer for now and be meted out to the dogs.  The meat all got pulled out to go into the broth.  The tiny bones that no one can manage went into about a third of a bread bag.  The goopier meat and goobers went onto plates to feed the cats and dogs. Everyone was ecstatic about it all.  I have 7 quarts in the canner right now, cooling down.  I made a small pan of gravy for leftovers.  And there's enough to make a medium sized pan of soup. Perfect. Almost no waste--just how I like it.  I forgot--on Wednesday (after getting my little turkey) I got a call--I had won a turkey in a local merchant drawing !!  That turkey is in the roaster cooking right now, because I have no room in my freezer for a whole turkey.  So, I'll cook it and take the meat off and freeze it. Thinking about freezing some of  it IN gravy--anyone ever done that??  I can stuff a few more small bags into the freezers. And maybe I'll can pints of turkey in broth too.  It has made me feel very turkey-rich! lol

  And my house smells delightful;. (Take THAT!~ Glade!)  lol

  I am feeling better. My husband has called several times. And I am counting my blessings instead of feeling sorry for myself.  One of those blessings is the caring and sharing of all of you , even though we have never met face to face,  I am blessed to have you in my life.  Been catching up on some blogs. Reading a novel called East of the Sun. And tending critters and going to cover the gardens soon--not sure it will help. I think tonight may be the real end of the garden, supposed to get to 20. Someone said they are calling for a possibility of snow tonight.

We'll see. I don't care. The only plan I have is to go to a movie with my cousin tomorrow at noon or so...if I can't get out, it matters not.  

  Happy [beginning of the ] Holidays, everyone.  Bless us, every one.



the wild magnolia said...

Good to hear your holiday turned out so well. Plenty of turkey and gravy.

Good job.

Rita said...

Years ago I made my own broth from turkey carcass and veggies. I am so glad you are in a better mood. Have a great time with the critters--and at the movies tomorrow. What do you plan to see?

Beth said...

Two turkeys! That is great. I am glad you got to have a Thanksgiving dinner with your son!

Cloudia said...

that's cool. bless Ya!

Warm Aloha to YOU
from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

~ > < } } ( ° >

> < 3 3 3 ( ' >

><}}(°> ~

DJan said...

I am still in Texas visiting family and won't return until Tuesday, but now I am the only one still here. This is how I like it: laid back and quiet. One of my sisters made turkey hash like our mother used to do, just like you did, simmer the bones and then get them all out, add potatoes and peas. Oh, it made me miss my mom!

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving, and then yet ANOTHER turkey! I can smell your kitchen from here. :-)

LindaM said...

Just saying hello:)
Thats a lot of turkey.....can you believe that we had a roast beef instead?Usuually we have beef Wellington but I couldn't find pate.... So now I want turkey after reading this post!

Akannie said...

Sandra~~ Yes, lol, PLENTY. And it has turned out fine, all of it...xoxoxoxo

Rita~~ My cousin and I saw the new Twilight movie. Had a good time. And I am winding up with more turkey and stock than I imagine! Woohoo-- ABUNDANCE ! xoxoxox

Beth--3 carcasses and 2 whole turkeys. And I could make soup for the whole county if need be ! lol Still canning away ! xoxoxo

Cloudia~~ Aloha, dear one!! Hope your holidays were grand!! xoxoxoxo

DJan--Oooo...Texas! How wonderful to be with family AND have old traditional food...that's half the beauty of the holiday season for me. (My house is still smelling like turkey!) xoxoxox

Linda!! I am glad to see you, are you not blogging at all now? I love a good beef Wellington...and I love you! Hope you're feeling better...xoxoxoxoxo

LindaM said...

Annie, blogging on ocassion over at live journal....I'm doing okay but have very little to say. Seems unreal, I know:) love you too!

Mama Pea said...

Isn't it just that way? If we can hold out long enough, the grumpies go away and we find all kinds of things to be thankful for that make our lives bright and sparkly again. (Waaahhh, why can't we have it bright and sparkly ALL the time??) ;o] So glad you're feeling better.

Akannie said...

Yes, Mama is the way. And wouldn't you think we'd remember that? lol

I am feeling so much better that I started housecleaning again yesterday. lol

Me too-- I want bright and sparkly ALL the time!!)

Ashling said...

What a fantastic thing to have grown so much of your own Thanksgiving feast. Definitely a thing to be grateful for; good for you! I used to do the whole turkey stock/soup thing, until one day I realized that I really don't like the taste, and it was way too much mess & fuss for something I wouldn't eat. So you have my respect and admiration for tackling that job.

Akannie said...

Ashling~~ too funny, but I know what you mean. I've done that too, and suddenly had a light bulb moment, thinking--I don't really even like this! What am I doing???? LOL

And--it still wasn't as big a mess as the pumpkin. LOL